Manage Entitlement terms behavior with Dynamics CRM Online Update 1

By | July 8, 2015


Entitlements were introduced in CRM 2013 Spring Release. These are an enhancement to the concept of Contracts that has been in Dynamics CRM since its initial release. You can read more about entitlements from one our earlier blogs found here.

You could define the entitlement terms that a customer is entitled to. The entitlements are used against Cases to manage whether a case registered is covered within an entitlement or is billable/chargeable.

Whenever we create a case for the customer and apply the entitlement, the entitlements terms gets decremented from the associated entitlement defined for the customer.

However there could be some scenarios where you don’t want the entitlement terms to be decremented. To handle this special case, a new feature of “Decrement Entitlements” is introduced in the latest Dynamics CRM Online Update 1 release.


Let’s see how we can prevent the entitlement to be decremented terms using “Do not decrement entitlement terms” option on Case.

We create the below entitlement “Mobile Accessories”, with the following specifications,


Next, create a new case with the origin as “Phone” and apply the available entitlement against this case.


By default when this case is resolved, the entitlement terms would decrease by 1 since one entitlement term has been used for this case.

But if in special case, you would not like the entitlement terms to be decremented, you can now use the option “Do not decrement entitlement terms” on the case entity.

A new field “Decrement Entitlement Terms” is added on the Case entity that indicates the entitlement terms to be decremented or not.

By default the “Decrement Entitlement Terms” is set to “Yes” which will cause to decrement       entitlement terms for that case. You need to use the “Do not Decrement Entitlements” menu option added in the ribbon to set this to No.



When you activate the option “Do not Decrement Entitlement Terms” then the “Decrement Entitlement Terms” will be set to “No”. This means the entitlement terms will not get decrement from the entitlement.

Once it is set to “No” upon resolving the case, the entitlement terms do not change.



Since this is a feature that should be utilized only in special scenarios, it has been introduced as a privilege “Control Decrement Terms” and only users with that privilege would be allowed to set the Decrement Entitlements flag on the Case entity.

You will find the new privilege added to the “Miscellaneous Privileges” section of the Service Management tab of the Security role.


By default, the Control Decrement Terms privilege is available to only System Administrator and CSR Manager Security Roles.

Hope it helps!


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