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By | July 31, 2009
We can create a marketing list for group of contacts, accounts or leads and against these records we can create a Quick Campaign. This Quick Campaign would ask for the type of activity to be created for these selected records.

We were required to setup a marketing list of our contacts for a mailer to be sent to them frequently. We created a Quick campaign for these contacts and selected the activity as Email. The email template provided includes an “Unsubscribe” option which can be used for getting mails back from the contact who don’t wish to receive mails thereafter.

Below is the screenshot where an activity type is selected along with the assign to options. Here, you can set the “Assign” accordingly. “Me” option says that the owner/sender of all the emails would be the logged in user while “Assign to another user or queue” option would allow you to select a particular user and this user would be the owner/sender of these emails. When any of the contact clicks on unsubscribe link, the “To” field will get set to this selected user.

In body of this template email you can set the template message with Unsubscribe link. To provide the Unsubscribe link select the Text and click on Unsubscribe button.

This wizard ends with creating campaign and the process of sending of mails starts. The success/failures can be evaluated from the Quick Campaign just created.
When the contact clicks on Unsubscribe link the unsubscribe subjected mail would be mailed back to the sender of these mails as set above.
When the unsubscribe mail is received that particular contact from the marketing list gets updated automatically and its “Do Not send marketing materials” is set to”No” as shown in the screenshot below.

But this auto subscribe may not work and can be reasoned due to two factors:

1) The “set auto unsubscribe option” in the System settings under Marketing tab should be set and to do this follow these below steps:
a) Go to Settings ==> Administration ==> System Settings
b) In system settings go to Marketing tab and set auto unsubscribe option to “Yes”.

2) The contact for which the auto unsubscribe should have worked must not have duplicate email address duplicating with another contact, account, lead, or user. Knowing this, even resolving the email address will not set the “Do Not send marketing materials” to “No” i.e. would not auto unsubscribe this contact.

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