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How to trigger the plugin on any Business Process Flow stage change and update custom entity record related to the Active Stage

Introduction Recently while working on a customer requirement, we came across a scenario where we needed to trigger a plugin on change of Business Process Flow stages. So, in the pursuit of finding a solution, we came across workflow and process stage entities, but they were not very useful in this scenario. Our requirement was… Read More »

Business Process Flow Stage Name in Dynamics 365

Introduction In Dynamics 365 Microsoft included various updates and improvement to Business Process Flow (BPF). Previously when a BPF was started, all the information regarding the BPF was stored within the record itself. There were fields as ProcessId (ID of BPF), StageId (ID of the active BPF).  These fields are getting deprecated, so below is… Read More »

Make the Business Process Flow fields to be required conditionally

Introduction: Recently, we had a business requirement to make some fields, present in the Business process flow stage, to be required conditionally based on the value selected in one of the fields in the BPF stage. First, we tried to achieve this by writing a client side JavaScript code to make the Business Process fields… Read More »