Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with SharePoint – The secure way!

By | April 30, 2022

Sharepoint Security Sync

Managing attachments/documents in Dynamics 365 CRM and ensuring the security of data stored in cloud services are crucial for the smooth function of business organizations. Because you never know when or what information you may need or the unknown risks that threaten the security of that information.

So, what can be done to overcome such situations?

The answer is simple – Implement a robust solution that can provide data security and effectively manage attachments/documents in Dynamics 365 CRM.

And this can be achieved with our popular document management app – SharePoint Security Sync.

To put it in simple words, with SharePoint Security Sync (Microsoft Preferred App), you can –

  • Ensure data security in SharePoint
  • Reduce Dynamics 365 CRM storage space
  • Manage attachments from within Dynamics 365 CRM

Now, let’s explore each point one by one in detail.

Ensure data security in SharePoint

Data security is the most important factor for businesses around the world. With SharePoint Security Sync, you can now easily sync security privileges in Dynamics 365 CRM with that of SharePoint. Each and every change made to the security role of a user in Dynamics 365 CRM will be automatically replicated in SharePoint. For example, you can change the access level of your users from the Business Unit level to the Organizational level, add or remove a user from any team, share and assign records to users or delete a security role of a user. All these modifications will be synced instantly. In this way, you can ensure secure and reliable access to all confidential documents stored in SharePoint.

Reduce Dynamics 365 CRM storage space

SharePoint Security Sync gives you the provision to connect and actively manage documents/attachments on more than one SharePoint site and folder. You can now easily solve your space crunch issue by migrating attachments/documents in bulk from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint. Mostly, email attachments occupy the majority of disk space in CRM. With the ‘Bulk Migration Job’ feature, you can migrate Emails as well as Notes & Sales Literature attachments. Be it for weeks or months, all your history data will be migrated without disturbing your day-to-day activities.

Manage attachments from within Dynamics 365 CRM (the windows explorer way)

SharePoint Security Sync, with its user-friendly interface, allows you to easily drag and drop multiple files and folders from CRM to SharePoint. With the right kind of privileges, you can Upload/Download, Create, Rename, View and Delete files/folders stored in SharePoint. You can store all the files and documents as per the native folder hierarchy structure in your designated SharePoint sites and easily share those documents outside your organization by generating anonymous links to the documents with the help of SharePoint Security Sync.

So, what say? Isn’t this a perfect solution for your data security and document management woes?

So, don’t wait! Know more about this amazing app by downloading it for a free period of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

And contact us at for any information related to document management within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Until then – Be Smart, Be Safe!