From Stress to Fun – Change the way you work with Dynamics 365 CRM using Gamifics365!

By | March 20, 2022

GAMIFICATION has become the new norm. Across the world more and more organizations are implementing gamification into their work culture to heighten employee engagement and improve productivity. Here are some interesting figures from recent surveys which augment this fact:

  • 90% of employees feel more productive at work with gamification
  • 60% increase in employee engagement with gamification
  • 7 times more profit earned by companies for incorporating gamification
  • 72% of people are motivated to do tasks and work harder on the job with gamification
  • 70% of Global 2000 companies in some way use gamification

In short, it is the era of GAMIFICATION! Now there is no distinction between games and work. The new mantra is – HAVE FUN AT WORK. Love what you do and do what you Love! And that’s what gamification brings to your work culture. It transforms the daily mundane job to something interesting, exciting and motivating.

Keeping up with this trend, Inogic is now introducing new gamification app for Dynamics 365 CRM – Gamifics365!

Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through engaging games and activities. It provides a medium to create appealing games to encourage a healthy competition between both individuals and teams combined. The daily stressful routine work can be converted to something livelier and fun with this gamification app resulting in higher productivity and better business growth rate.

Here is a first look of our Gamifics365 UI:

Game Rules:

Gamification Dynamics 365

Gamification Dynamics 365


Gamification Dynamics 365

Gamifics365 Dashboard:

Gamification Dynamics 365

Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

This is just a trailer. There is more to come. Till then check out this video of Gamifics365.

Keep visiting this space or mail us at to know more about this upcoming gamification app for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Until then – Happy Gaming!