Webinar: Create, schedule and manage Alerts & Notifications in Dynamics 365 CRM with ease!

By | January 14, 2022


New Year is here! It’s the right time to – Refresh, Restart and Reinvent – yourselves! And with this thought in mind, our this year’s very first webinar will be based on Alerts4Dynamics – a Microsoft Preferred App that provides an exquisite platform for CRM users to create, schedule and manage alerts and notifications for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM. Whether it is different types of alerts, modes of alerts, levels of alerts or use of different languages for alerts; Alerts4Dynamics has reinvented smart ways to send and receive alerts/notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM.

So, bid goodbye to old ways and reinvent your CRM alerts and notifications system by taking part in the upcoming webinar to be held on:

January 19, 2022, 11am US EST

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In this webinar, you will get in-depth demonstration on the following key features of Alerts4Dynamics:

  • Types of Alerts: Create Announcement, Rule-Based, Record-Based, and Event-Based alerts.
  • Mode of Alert: Alerts can be shown as Pop-ups or Form Notifications to Dynamics 365 CRM users and also can be sent as Email to Dynamics 365 CRM users or to customers (external audiences).
  • Alert levels: Alerts can be categorized as Information, Warning, or Critical.
  • Notification Visibility Period: Define process start date from when the notifications will start getting created and process end date when the creation of new notifications will stop. Also, you can define how long the Notification would be visible if the notification is not dismissed by the user.
  • Define Audience: Alerts can be configured to be shown to a particular set of audiences as well as dynamic audiences.
  • User Preference: User is given the choice to select the mode to receive alerts i.e., through Pop-ups or Email Notifications.
  • Dismissible/Non-Dismissible Alerts: Provision to configure the alerts as dismissible or non-dismissible.
  • Auto-dismissible Alerts: Provision to configure the alerts as auto-dismissible/non-auto dismissible.

So, don’t wait around! Just register and get ready to start afresh with a new outlook. And notify your team about this by using the new alert management system within Dynamics 365 CRM – Alerts4Dynamics!

For more information, download and explore Alerts4Dynamics from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a free trial period of 15 days.

Looking forward to an illuminating and exciting session.

See you soon!