Advanced filtering options for home grid views now available – 2020 Release Wave 1 – Power Apps

By | April 2, 2020

And this week’s update includes a filter button on the home grid views!

2020 Release Wave 1

Yes, the familiar Advanced find icon!

As you know, Advanced find UI still uses the classic web UI and has been waiting for an upgrade and looks like this is the beginning.

Here is what the new UI looks like today:

2020 Release Wave 1

It includes support for most common operators per field type. I didn’t check for each of them.

Once you click ‘Apply’ the results are auto-reflected in the view and you have the option to clear the filter next to the advanced find icon.

2020 Release Wave 1

But how do I store this as a new view?

From the ribbon choose Create View, click on the ellipsis if you don’t see them right away.

Choose from one of the Save options to update or create a new view.

Note – This is a personal view and therefore, I see the option to save filters to current view. In case of system views, this option is not available.

However, we still need to visit the classic ‘Advanced find’ button to Assign, Share or Delete the personal views but overall, it’s a good start!


5 thoughts on “Advanced filtering options for home grid views now available – 2020 Release Wave 1 – Power Apps

  1. Jonathan Lyle

    Thanks for the tip. I receive an error when trying to use the advanced filtering on custom entities.

    1. Inogic

      We reviewed and created user level custom entity to check this issue. And we were able to apply the Advanced filters for custom entity too.
      Could you please provide us some more information about the error, so we can check and update you with the same?


    1. Inogic

      No, there is no Advance filtering option available on subgrids.


  2. Johanna Reinholtz

    When I use another language than English the Advanced Filtering icon is not showing. Is this a setting or is it only working in English for now?

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