How to avoid cherry picking and evenly distribute Dynamics 365 CRM/PowerApps Leads

By | February 29, 2020

Sales is a determining factor in gauging the growth of an organization. And sales comes from pursuing all available leads, as every lead has the potential to turn into a profitable account. Suppose there is a huge inflow of leads through websites, referrals, advertisements, exhibitions, events, etc. and these Leads are manually picked by sales representatives. This will often result in cherry picking among the sales representatives which will eventually affect the sales and profit of the organization.

So, what to do to avoid such practices and mismanagement?

We have the perfect solution for you. It’s our very own Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps productivity app – Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation.

Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation is a productivity app that enables managers to systematically allocate or distribute Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics 365 CRM & PowerApps. Round-Robin assignment and allocation of records amongst the team members helps to avoid cherry picking which is a huge concern for any organization. This ensures fair distribution of workload within each team. Thus, automated distribution and assignment improves efficiency which results in higher level of customer satisfaction and in turn higher ROI.

Let’s look into the key features of this awesome app:

  • Entity Support: Lead assignment Distribution & Automation provides support for both OOB as well as Custom Entities.
  • Queues: This app is based off native queues in Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Even Distribution: With this app, you can distribute workloads evenly among the team in a sequential pattern using Round-Robin algorithm.
  • Fair Distribution: It helps to assign records depending upon the capacity defined for each individual user to avoid over allocation.
  • Capacity Monitoring: It automatically manages the available user capacity based on the work items marked closed and assigned during the course of business.
  • Selection Criterion: You will be able to define the selection criterion and assignment rules for processing records.
  • Dashboards: You can easily monitor and analyze the workload processed and assigned using the app to each team member with the help of Dashboards.

Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation productivity app will thus, help you to automate and streamline the process of allocating leads (or any other entity records) to your respective team members. The outcome of which is a highly efficient and effective sales team, boost in sales, increase in profit and higher ROI.

To know more about this app, download and explore it from our Website or Microsoft AppSource for 15 days of free trial.

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