Fixed – Field Service database version is out of Sync error in Dynamics 365 Field Service V6.2.0.342

By | November 7, 2017


If ever we face the error Database Out of Sync, then the reason behind this is the Database Version field that’s there on the Field Service Settings form was not updated while installing the latest version.

Between Field Service versions, as schema and feature changes, Field Service ships upgrade scripts to ensure seamless upgrade for customers. The way Field Services knows that the scripts were ran successfully during upgrade is by looking at the Field Service Database version.

At times, the upgrade script fails for some reasons and the Database Version is not updated.

And, this results in the Database Out of Sync error.

Recommended Solutions:

In order to resolve this issue, we need to undertake either of the below two approaches.

Approach 1

  • Navigate to Dynamics 365 Administration Center and check if you still get the option to upgrade the Field Service Solution.
  • If yes, then go ahead and try reinstalling the latest version.

If for some reasons, this approach doesn’t work for you, then Approach 2 is the way to go.

Approach 2

  • Navigate to Settings à Solutions and try to locate FieldService_anchor
  • Uninstall that solution. (Note: Uninstalling this solution won’t remove any of your Field Service entities. Still, if need be, go ahead and backup your organization.)
  • Navigate to Dynamics 365 Administration Center, the Field Service solution that was previously unavailable for installation/upgrade due to already being installed or up-to-date, would be available again for you to install/upgrade.
  • Now, if your Field Service solution was already updated to the latest version, then the above step would just run the update scripts and will make the necessary changes to the Database Version field on Field Service Settings form.


Try following above approaches for a couple of attempts, still unsuccessful at it, you must approach Microsoft support to get proper guidance on this issue.

Hope this helps!

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