360 Degree QuickBooks Accounting Insights Now within MS Dynamics CRM

By | March 8, 2017

Every organization has unique needs and preferences for maintaining inventory in the system.

Organizations prefer using different applications to fulfill diverse business needs. Many organizations use multiple applications like Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their Accounting and Sales Teams.

For the Teams, this could mean maintaining accounting information in both the systems independently. Hence, integration between the two systems is extremely important to ensure the overall effectiveness of the applications!

One way to integrate QuickBooks and Dynamics CRM is by using integration solution like InoLink.

InoLink is a bi-directional integration solution that connects MS Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks by seamlessly integrating the two systems. InoLink standardizes and interconnects activities of different functional areas of a business and streamlines the information flow. It enhances speed, accuracy, and efficiency of processing financial information by integrating Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks.

The latest release of InoLink supports QuickBooks Online integration with MS Dynamics CRM!

So now, you have the flexibility to integrate your QuickBooks Online/Desktop with Dynamics 365/CRM Online, On-Premise or Partner hosted.

How using InoLink can be beneficial for your business?

CRM integrations save a lot of time every day thereby increasing sales productivity significantly. By integrating powerful accounting application like QuickBooks with Dynamics CRM, your Sales Teams can get complete accounting information right within Dynamics CRM.

Let us dig deeper and understand the benefits of linking Dynamics 365/CRM and QuickBooks;

1. Efficient and Effective Business Process:

By connecting QuickBooks and Dynamics 365, InoLink eliminates data duplication and inconsistency in both the systems. InoLink offers the ability to promote and link existing Accounts, Contact, and Products between the two systems. Also, you can promote Quote/Invoice from Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks and bring over customer aging details from QuickBooks to Dynamics CRM. By automating data processing, InoLink eliminates the need to perform tedious and complicated activities needed to maintain both systems independently thereby making the business processes efficient and effective!

2. Improve Coordination between Sales and Accounting Teams:

InoLink effortlessly synchronizes Sales Transactions and Payment Information from QuickBooks to MS Dynamics CRM. InoLink’s integration capabilities enable seamless data flow between the two systems, bringing the Sales and Accounting teams together. Moreover, with complete accounting details right within Dynamics CRM, your sales team will be updated with the latest details and this, in turn, will help improve customer service!

3. Enable Better Decision Making:

By integrating Dynamics 365 with QuickBooks using InoLink, your Sales Team can get important accounting updates right within Dynamics CRM. With access to financial data and enhanced communication within Sales and Accounting Teams, InoLink enables better decision making and improves the overall quality of work!

4. Seamless Integration:

Sales teams can manage all the projects with complete financial data in Dynamics CRM, and InoLink will ensure that the data is synced to QuickBooks. InoLink integrates Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price Lists, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Transaction History, Customer Aging Details, Customer Balance and Inventory Balance. With seamless integration provided by InoLink, Sales and Accounting Teams can be faster in execution with updated information!

5. Integration with Complete Control:

InoLink offers the flexibility to configure Sync Preference for Customers, Products, Quotes, Invoices and Sales History. This enables you to decide what you want to synchronize and whether to synchronize from Dynamics 365 to QuickBooks and vice-versa. With the ability to configure sync preference, InoLink offers integration with complete control!

6. Accounting Data Security:

All the data synced to Dynamics 365 from QuickBooks can further be secured through field level security in Dynamics CRM to ensure important financial data cannot be tampered. With this, Sales Team can benefit from the complete accounting information within Dynamics 365 and Accounting Team can rest assured that important financial data is secure!

Stay connected and integrate your Dynamics 365/CRM and QuickBooks with InoLink!

See it in action here:

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Integrate QuickBooks with Dynamics 365 using InoLink and get the best of both worlds!

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