User Adoption Metrics that matter in your Dynamics CRM

By | November 28, 2015

This is a part two of our User Adoption Tracker Series. In Part 1 we saw how User Adoption Tracker could help you to track users actions of your Dynamics CRM/365.

As we have been talking about adaptability, here in Part 2 lets read more about the Dashboards available in our user adoption tracker for your Dynamics CRM on-premises or online.User Adoption Tracker

User Adoption Summary – Basically we have categorized the Dashboard in 4 segments namely

  1. Activities This week – This gives you a graphical view of user adoption of Dynamics CRM this week.
  2. Counts by Action – Again a graphical view of activity undertaken by the team
  3. Actions by Entity (Today) – Activities undertaken by the Dynamics CRM user today.
  4. Revenue by User Adoption – Analyzes the revenue pattern of users vis-à-vis their CRM adaptability.

UAT 2(1)

  That’s not just it, user adoption tracker:

  • Supports tracking on OOB & Custom entities
  • Configure entities and actions to monitor
  • Data is stored in a format that is easy to report on

And a quick recap:

Start with a Trial:
Email us on with your CRM version and deployment (on-prem or online) model for your 15 days fully functional trial.

Product Page –

Presentation –

What versions of Dynamics CRM does it support?
User Adoption Tracker supports all CRM deployment models namely on-premise, on-line and partner-hosted. It supports Dynamics CRM 2011 and above.

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