How to Dynamics CRM

By | October 4, 2012
New to Dynamics CRM or already using Dynamics CRM? But do you do CRM the way it should be? Learn to CRM from the experts. 

Roughly around 20 CRM MVP’s (I was not one of them) have got together and come out with a collaborative offering called CRMFieldGuide.

To say the least.. Its simple and powerful. CRM is simple and the book will let your CRM be effective by letting you keep it simple.

The book touches upon all offerings/tools related to Dynamics CRM. It is not restricted to explaining the functional concepts of Sales/Marketing and Service. It goes way beyond and includes the entire process right from Installing and Configuring CRM to the Best Practices for customizations and Server Maintenance. It has a total of 25 chapters to touch upon the various topics some of which we generally need to search on the web to find information on like

  • Sharepoint Integration
  • Dynamics Connector
  • Best practices for upgrade from CRM 4 to 2011
  • Understand Solutions to make it work better for you
  • Data Import

Who better than the experts to share with you their collective knowledge in one CRMFieldGuide.

Its a must have for anyone who needs to CRM the right way!

This book was released on October 1st 2012. Grab a copy right now from

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