Experiences from the MVP Summit!

By | March 5, 2012

Well, this was one travel that I had not planned for. But today I am happy that I did not skip it. This was my first MVP summit after being awarded MVP in January this year and it was an enriching experience.

I was one of the 41 CRM MVPeeps that were present at the summit and I was the only one from India in the CRM Group. The group had representation from most parts of the world and it was great to see the reach and adoption of CRM across the world.

There were many sessions revolving in and around CRM and unfortunately not much can be shared here to due to the NDA. All that can be said though is CRM is heading the right direction and we are in safe hands 🙂

It was a pleasure to hear the product team speak about the future of the product and thier vision for the product. It was good to know we could share our concerns and they would be addressed and that we were not just there to hear them talk but the product team was listening to us as well and that as MVP we were really a valuable community for them.

Amy did a really great job at organizing the sessions and many thanks to her to make sure we are all well looked after 🙂

Besides the sessions which were by the way not all work but actually a lot of fun, there were also other parties organized in the evenings. The closing ceremony was held at Centurylink fields. There was a fireworks show and we had a chance at the ball on the fields.

A very big thanks to all MVP’s to make us first timers feel welcome. Looking forward to Convergence that starts 18th March and I expect that to be an equally enriching experience and I really look forward to meeting all my friends back again!

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