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Accessing related entities fields in Calculated Fields formulas in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Introduction: In our recent blog post about calculated fields we have covered about calculated fields support extended for Date/Time data types in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1. You can read this blog here. In this blog we will focus on accessing related entities fields in calculated fields formulas. In Calculated fields, you can define… Read More »

Calculated fields support extended for Date/Time data types in Dynamics CRM 2015

Introduction: Calculated fields was first introduced in Dynamics CRM 2015 and it further improved upon the ability to provide codeless solutions to power users to configure. You can learn more about its features from our earlier blog here. It provided support for most CRM data types however the calculations and formulae supported for Date/Time fields… Read More »

Hierarchy Support in Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK

Introduction Hierarchies were introduced in Dynamics CRM 2015.  Hierarchy provided a way for visualizing relation between records and identify where the records reside in parent child relationship. As in example below shows where “Test Account02” situated in hierarchy tree. SDK Support To support the ability to retrieve records based on Hierarchy, the SDK was enhanced… Read More »

Immersive Excel Experience with Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1

Introduction: Export to Excel has been a feature that has been in Dynamics CRM since its initial release. Though it did the job, there were some annoying pop-up’s and probably a few clicks that could well be avoided. With the Online Update 1, the Export to Excel experience is set to change for the better.… Read More »

How to Open Quick Create form in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1

You might be aware of how to open CRM entity form using javascript function that was introduced in Dynamics CRM 2013 i.e. Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm() If you are not then you can refer our blog about this feature here. We use openEntityForm function to open blank entity form or entity form with pre populated values. In CRM… Read More »

Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1 – API support for Transaction

Introduction: As a developer, you always want to perform any database operation in a Transaction so that you have the choice of rollback in case an operation fails. There are many examples where you want either all of your API instructions to succeed or all of them to rollback. If there is only a partial… Read More »