Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification – It’s back in a new Avatar!

By | August 13, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification

Employee engagement and motivation are key to any organization’s success. Enthusiastic employees, eager to show their skills, commitment, and energy take the organization to the next level. Even statistics suggest that as much as 21% of companies with a highly engaged workforce are more profitable.

With proper workplace motivation, highly engaged teams experience 41% less absenteeism along with a productivity increase of 17%. This shows that employee engagement has a very real impact on business success, and employee engagement should be considered a part of a business strategy.

But, 85% of Employees Are Not Engaged in the Workplace. Making sure employees have enough challenges and variation in their workday is one of the most important managerial tasks.

And this is where Inogic comes in with its latest sales motivation engine app Gamifics365 – a one of its kind Gamification app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Gamifics365 is all about inspiring your team to be more curious, detail-driven, and competitive thereby increasing their productivity, performance, and overall job satisfaction.

It aims in unifying your organization with the help of

Different types of games

Rewards and badges and

Leader boards and reporting dashboards

All this with Gamifics365 within your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Amazing, eh? Let us explore some of these features.

Different games at your disposal

Using gamifics365 you can create multiple games such as Challenge, Race, and Face-off which can be played between different users as well as teams.

A Challenge where individual players or teams will have to achieve a target within a limited period of time, a Face-off where individual players will be pitted against each other to achieve a single target, and a Race where players have to race against time and each other to achieve the common goal set by the manager.

All these games can be played at an individual level or even with a team.

Leader board and scorecard within CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Gamification

Leveraging Gamifics365 CRM not only elevates user engagement but also provides a comprehensive view of team performance through the inclusion of sales leaderboards. These leaderboards offer insights into the performance of each team, allowing users to click into specific teams to uncover individual player rankings. Adding an extra layer of motivation, employees can earn custom badges, enhancing the gamification experience and fostering a sense of achievement and recognition. The option to create personalized badges for both teams and individual players becomes a powerful tool for boosting engagement and productivity, creating a more dynamic and rewarding environment.

Pause/Resume Games at your will

But what if due to some reason, the game has to be paused? Like, suppose there’s a Christmas vacation coming up. In this case, Managers can easily pause the game for the time being and resume once the office resumes.

Something for everyone!

Now it so happens that since most of the games are all directed towards sales, services, and support teams, only they are the ones having fun checking their rankings, vigilantly checking points, getting badges, etc. And the other teams are being left out. But no worries! Fantasy teams are here for the save.

With fantasy teams, any non-participating CRM user can create their own teams with players they think are the best. The non-participating users can motivate the players to push their limits. Because the non-participating user will win only when their fantasy team wins. And for that to happen, the individual players need to score points in their own games. Isn’t this something worth having in your organization? Gamifics365 not only boosts your sales but also encourages other teams to cheer for their sales team, thereby building a stronger team bond.

Create games in a jiffy

Now, creating similar types of games, again and again, can become a time-consuming task. So Gamifics365 allows game managers to copy a game in just a single click thereby making the process easier.


Available not only on Desktop but on mobile also. So that any player can access and check out the scores, badges, and more anywhere and anytime. Just download your Dynamics 365 CRM mobile app or Power Apps mobile app and click on Gamifics365 to view your profile.

Woah! It’s Awesome, right?

So, get to our website or Microsoft AppSource and download the free trial today itself. Want a personalized demo? Drop us an email at and our experts will reach you.

Turn your Dynamics 365 CRM into an employee-motivation engine and tap into your workforce’s hidden potential with this Microsoft AppSource Preferred solution.