Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Adoption guide – Top 4 Reasons for low user adoption and How to Tackle them!

By | June 24, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the most popular business applications used by business organizations globally to maintain and nurture customer relationships. But if not utilized properly, this powerful application becomes blunt and useless. And this is what happens in business organizations where employees are newly introduced to Dynamics 365 CRM. For a certain period of time, the full potential of Dynamics 365 CRM is not utilized because employees are still adapting to its various features. This creates inefficiency in work and hampers productivity.

But you can easily overcome all these crises with the help of Dynamics 365 CRM monitoring app – User Adoption Monitor (and then next level would be Gamification app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM which will see at the end in this article)

How? Let’s find out from the below example.

As a Senior Sales Manager, Kathrine wanted to improve the productivity of the sales team by providing them with the best tools to maintain customer data.  But even after a month of using Dynamics 365 CRM, there was no significant change in the productivity level of team members. On the other hand, some team members were finding it difficult to adapt to this newly incorporated CRM system. It can be seen in the amount of time spent on each customer record in CRM, the information fed into the system, and so forth. Kathrine was finding it quite difficult to monitor the progress of each team member and see how they are adapting to Dynamics 365 CRM. It was affecting her work and creating a backlog.

To overcome this crisis, Kathrine decided to make use of Dynamics 365 CRM monitoring app – User Adoption Monitor by Inogic. With this Microsoft Preferred App, Kathrine was able to –

Periodically track user actions in Dynamics 365 CRM

To determine the adaptability of CRM users, it becomes necessary to monitor various operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Win, QualifyLead, etc.) over a period of time. Daily, weekly, or monthly monitoring of these actions or operations will give an overall insight into how well users are adapting to CRM in their daily work life. User Adoption Monitor enables periodic tracking of user actions with which Kathrine can easily track the progress of her team members.

user activities monitoring app

Effortlessly monitor user activities in CRM

Individuals need to spend a good amount of time in their CRM in order to become adept in handling various functions. Apart from tracking the routine user actions in CRM, it is also necessary to monitor the amount of time invested daily by each user in the system. Further, there should also be a provision to keep track of the time invested in CRM records by each user i.e. specific time invested in each record by users. This would provide a clear picture of how each user is utilizing time in CRM. If a user is lagging behind or facing difficulties in adapting to CRM, then it will be easy to take proactive measures before it’s too late. This is where Kathrine can use the Login/Logout and Check-in/Check-out features of User Adoption Monitor.

user activities monitoring app

Set targets and goals for team members

Another way of monitoring user adoption of CRM is by setting job performance goals or targets that must be demonstrated in the CRM. Even if it is posting a monthly or weekly sales target, the users will have to quickly adapt to CRM to handle their work smoothly. And when there is a competition, the natural urge to excel helps the users to overcome their initial shortcomings in handling CRM. It would also serve as a medium to assess the performance of users in the long run. Kathrine can effectively use the Target tracking and Aggregate tracking features of User Adoption Monitor for this very purpose.

user activities monitoring app

Assure availability of complete information of customers

Maintaining data quality is of utmost importance, and CRM is intended to support that goal by maintaining accurate customer information and keeping it within reach. However, if users are not proficient enough in using CRM, then the risk of incomplete customer data rises. To avoid such situations, Kathrine can use the Data Completeness feature of User Adoption Monitor. Whenever any mandatory information about customers is left out or not entered into the system, this feature will alert the user about the incomplete data. In this way, Kathrine can ensure that each and every detail about the customer is procured and fed to the system on time.

user activities monitoring app

user activities monitoring app

So what do you think? Isn’t User Adoption Monitor an apt app to monitor user actions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

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Also, check out these videos, to get a better insight into the functionalities of User Adoption Monitor.

In the meanwhile, have you heard about Gamification, the next level of User Adoption? Industries across the world are implementing game mechanics into their daily operations to improve employee engagement and increase productivity. Engaging games and activities encourage employees to be actively involved in attaining the goals and targets set by the business organization. So, get a closer look at our latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gamification app – Gamifics365 – with which you can enhance your Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and user adoption by implementing games and activities into mundane CRM operations!

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