Import Data in CDS (Common Data Service)

By | February 14, 2019


Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps lets you securely store and manage data that is used by business applications. Data within CDS for Apps is stored within a set of entities. Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, databases, or other systems, you’ll probably want an easy way to transfer large data in your environment. Using import data feature in CDS, you can easily add data in CDS.

You can use two ways to import data in CDS.

1. Get data

2. Get Data from Excel

Common Data Service

This blog gives you information about how using Get data option, you can import data in CDS.

1. Get data:

Click on Get data and below window will open. It contains different type of data sources like Excel, CSV, XML, etc.

Common Data Service

2. Below is the example of importing data using Text/CSV data source. After selecting the Text/CSV below window gets opened:

3. Navigate through Browse > Upload > File > Select the file that you wish to upload.

Common Data Service

4. All uploaded files get listed as shown above. Select the file and click on Open.

Common Data Service

5. Select the organizational account in Authentication kind. Click on Next.

Edit Queries window will open where you can Add, Edit and Delete data from Excel sheet, as shown below.

Common Data Service

Double click on column name to edit the column name that helps you further. At a time you can import multiple Text/CSV, for that click on “Get data” and follow same process from the start and click on Next.

6. Map Entities page gets opened where you can select Load to existing entity option and select an entity, like here account entity is selected.

Then in Field Mapping section select the column of sheet by the name that you gave in excel sheet. Do the same for all fields and click on next.

Common Data Service

7. Select any Refresh settings and click on Create.

Common Data Service

8. Below window gets opened where LOAD STATUS will be shown. When LOAD STATUS gets completed then click on Done.

Common Data Service


Thus this blog shows how using Get data option, you can import data in CDS.


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