Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Maplytics as a Part of Your CRM Strategy

By | March 27, 2018

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Maplytics as a Part of Your CRM Strategy

A CRM system like Dynamics 365 is a beautiful amalgamation of business strategy and the power of technology. Since the inception of CRM, businesses have harnessed the convenience and usability of having all the customer interaction and data in a single place to supercharge their business processes and improve the overall customer experience.

When a business identifies the benefits they could experience by implementing a Dynamics 365 in their organization and decides to go ahead with the system; they first need to be clear on the result. This is where having a focused CRM strategy plays an important role.

The first, obvious step is choosing a CRM system. This decision, however, is a no-brainer!

Almost all the organizations are already using Microsoft’s enterprise products like Office 365, Windows and so on. Having a familiar CRM system from one of the most trusted and innovative companies like Microsoft ensures that the users are instantly familiar with the system and easily adapt it, thus providing a high ROI.

Now, comes the part of choosing third-party solutions that takes the capabilities of Dynamics 365 to a whole new level.  There are tons of options and Microsoft’s push to bring the best solutions for Dynamics 365 in a single marketplace, Microsoft AppSource, allows organizations to find and try solutions best suited to their needs instantly.

Now comes a more pressing question,

Why should you have a robust geo-analytical app like Maplytics as a part of your CRM strategy?

The answer is simple; you get more done if you can provide your team with powerful capabilities of geo-analytics and data visualization in language of your choice. If you still need a more comprehensive answer, we have listed down advantages of having Maplytics as a part of your CRM strategy;

  1. Unlocking the geographical aspect of Dynamics CRM data:

Maplytics works natively from within Dynamics 365 and extracts the geo-coordinates from Dynamics CRM data by the process of geocoding and allow users to visualize their Dynamics CRM data on a map. This not only lets users get a better perspective of Dynamics CRM data but also helps them to make better decisions that improve Sales, Service and Marketing initiatives of an organization.

  1. Empowering Sales and Service Team to manage their Appointments:

Maplytics comes with a powerful Appointment Planner that helps the Sales and Service teams to visualize their day and make the most of each appointment. The benefits do not stop there; the teams can then use the Route Optimization feature to create and share optimized routes, all within Dynamics CRM.

  1. Get the most of your Sales Territories with geographical Sales Territory Management:

Maplytics simplifies the process of managing Sales Territory Management. With the ability to create multiple ‘Geographies’ for a single sales territory, Sales Managers can easily manage their sales territories on the map. Also, with the addition of ‘Bulk Geographies’, setting up sales territories has never been easy.

  1. Finding nearby Customers and Prospects is a matter of few clicks:

Maplytics makes the process of finding nearby customers and prospects extremely easy with the ‘Radius Search’ feature. You can not only find nearby records based on distance but also time, thereby ensuring that even if you have limited time, you could still find and reach out to nearby customers quickly.

  1. Analyze on the go with Analytical Dashboards:

Maplytics ships with six predefined dashboards in CRM and gives the flexibility to create even more based on the requirement of an organization. With Maplytics dashboards, users can gain geographical insights from their Dynamics CRM data and make better and informed decisions on the go.

  1. Turn up the heat with Heat Map visualizations:

Heat Map visualizations in Maplytics allow the users to get an overview of their business and plan their strategies accordingly. With the ability to add category filter, CXOs and Managers can further drill down and create relevant heat maps for various analysis purposes.

  1. Deeper Customer engagement with Personalized Marketing Campaigns:

Maplytics enables Marketers with the Point of Interest (POI) feature to find nearby event location to organize more focused events that are convenient for their target audience further improving the ROI of the event. Moreover, with the ability to directly send Emails to the plotted records, create Marketing Lists directly from the map screen and compatibility with third-party marketing tools like ClickDimensions further enhances the success of any marketing campaign.

  1. Security won’t be an issue when you have a Certified for Dynamics 365 (CfMD) solution:

Last year, Maplytics became one of the first geo-analytical mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) by meeting Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. This implies that Microsoft has assured customers that certified solutions like Maplytics work with their investments in Microsoft Dynamics.

Maplytics™ is a leading Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD) multi-language mapping app. Maplytics extracts the geographical insights hidden in the CRM data empowering the Management to understand the location aspect of the business with Analytical Dashboards & Heat Maps, equip the Sales & Service Team with routing, territory management & appointment planning capabilities to significantly improve the process efficiency & productivity, and enable Marketers to create Localized Marketing Campaigns that drive better customer engagement.

Maplytics is available for Microsoft Dynamics versions CRM 2013 and above and supports all deployment models of CRM On-Premise (IFD as well), CRM Online and Partner-hosted.

Download Maplytics solution from our Website or Microsoft AppSource and start your free trial now.

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