Meeting Quarterly Sales & Service Targets with Maplytics

By | November 28, 2017

Meeting Quarterly Sales & Service Targets with Maplytics

In this data-driven economy, a Sales or Service Professional’s day is all about numbers. For their organization to be successful, engage more customers, and be ahead of the competition, the Sales and Service Teams set targets and try to achieve or exceed them.

If the long-term goal of an organization is to gain a majority of market share, augment company growth and provide the best customer service, the sales & service reps need to be ultra-efficient and visit as many customers as they can in the shortest amount of time. Even though this goal sounds simple, the sales and service reps are always on a lookout for the right tools that allows them to increase their efficiency and simplifies the execution of the sales strategy.

This is where a complete geo-analytics solution that works seamlessly within CRM comes into the picture!

A mapping solution like Maplytics, which extracts the location insights from Dynamics CRM data, helps the organization to understand, analyze and reach out to more customers. Organizations can visualize the customer base on a map to get an overview of the geographical spread of the customers, density cluster, nearby customer, sales distribution, etc.

With these location-based business insights, the sales and service reps can improve their sales processes and execute the sales strategy efficiently. In addition, as Maplytics is a native Dynamics CRM solution, the sales and service reps can visualize the Dynamics CRM data in real time, update or take action on CRM records, manage all the sales and service related actions right within Dynamics CRM thus reducing the time wasted in switching multiple apps and helping them to focus on their top priority, CUSTOMERS!

Maplytics provides the best in class features that help the sales and service reps to augment customer experience and surpass their sales target. To be very specific, features like Appointment Planner, Route Planner and POI (Point of Interest) Search are beneficial for field reps to be productive on the go!

Let’s see how each of these features can transform the sales process for field reps and helps them to meet quarterly sales targets;

Efficient Appointment Management for better customer satisfaction:

With the built-in Appointment Planner, Maplytics is transforming the lives of thousands of field reps. Sales & service reps can now plan and manage all of their appointments based on priority and ensure that no appointments are missed, ever! Also, as this is all done within Dynamics 365, the Managers can visualize their team appointments, and even assign the appointments to other team members to efficiently distribute the work and maximize sales performance.


Route planning and Optimization for enhanced time utilization:

After planning their appointments, the field reps can now create optimized routes to reduce the travel time and increase the number of appointments/service cases/work orders. Even the Managers can create optimized routes to share it with their team members and help the field reps to reach out to maximum customers in the shortest amount of time. Also, with the live traffic data at their disposal, the field reps can ensure that nothing comes in the way of achieving the sales target! That’s not it, if any of the appointments is canceled at the last moment, field Reps can use Maplytics to find nearby customers by distance or travel time and schedule an impromptu meeting to utilize their time slot.


Finding nearby POIs to make each visit count:

When on the field, the sales and service reps might need to find nearby points of interest, and this again takes up time as this would require switching between apps. With POI Search in Maplytics, this will never be the case as the field reps can easily locate nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations from the directory of thousands of Bing Maps geotagged locations, all without ever leaving Dynamics CRM! So, whether they want to meet a customer at a coffee shop, refuel gas on the way to a visit or simply need to find a hotel at out of station visit, it’s a matter of few clicks with Maplytics.


Maplytics™ is a leading geo-analytical mapping app that provides a seamless Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration to empower users with map visualization and routing capabilities within Dynamics 365. It is one of the first mapping solutions to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD). Maplytics allow users to simplify their sales process and get the most out of CRM data with powerful features like Radius Search, Sales Territory Management and Heat Map visualization!

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Happy Mapping!