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By | January 10, 2016

We are sure like Dynamics CRM earlier versions, CRM 2016 will also keep us busy with its amazing new features. We saw some great features in our Q1 and Q2 Blog posts. Let’s see what we have been able to explore in Q3 for 2015 and the start of 2016. Sharing some posts which were most clicked, liked and shared. Dynamics CRM most popular posts

Load Data from Web Service to Dynamics CRM using SSIS : Sometimes there are cases where we need to make a call to web service, from where we get data and save that data to Dynamics CRM entity. The response which we get from web service is in xml form. This blog gives the step by step walkthrough on how to Load Data from Web Service to Dynamics CRM using SSIS.

Design Auto Complete Text controls in Dynamics CRM 2016 : With auto-complete feature becoming a part of our daily use on the web, this now helps us provide a quick look up to possible allowed values, without requiring the field to be converted into a Lookup. This blog talks about one of the developer enhancements added to Dynamics CRM 2016 “Auto Complete” which allows us to provide auto complete feature for the single line text fields.

Full-Text Search in SharePoint files from Dynamics CRM : Dynamics CRM provides native integration to SharePoint so that SharePoint can be used as the file storage platform and utilize the rich document management features of SharePoint. This blog explains about how to perform full-text search in SharePoint files from Dynamics CRM.

RsProcessingAborted Error for Dynamics CRM Custom Reports : This blog gives the solution for the RsProcessingAborted Error that our Dynamics CRM friends usually gets while developing Custom Reports.

API functions to control Subgrid behavior starting Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 : Prior to CRM2015 update 1 the only available function for interacting with the subgrids on the form wasrefresh(). This function is used to refresh the sub-grid records. With the release of CRM 2015 update 1, more functions were introduced to interact with the sub-grid using JavaScript. This blog talks about these functions.

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