Directions and Routing multiple way-points feature of Maplytics

By | May 28, 2013

This blog illustrates the Get Direction and Get Route feature of Maplytics. This is important feature to calculate the route(Direction) of selected address.Direction: Selecting this option from a particular plotted pushpin, you will get you the driving directions to the selected address from the starting point provided in the Current Location text box.

Dynamics CRM Route Map

Once clicked on Direction you will see the direction between two address along including visual representation.

Dynamics CRM Route Map

The table at the top lists the addresses that you have included when determining the directions from the first address in the list to the last one in the list. You can use the Up/Down buttons to change the waypoints in the directions.

Del button can be used to remove an address from the way point list.

Get Direction button will get the directions as well as update route on the map for the waypoints indicated in the table.

Using the Print button you can print the Directions as well as the adjoining Map.

Add to Route: This option can be selected when you would like to define the waypoints for your route to get the directions for. If you would like to meet multiple customers on the way, you could add each of these records as Waypoints to the table.

Map Dynamics 365 CRM

The Get Route button would then get the directions that join all the waypoints selected.

Map Dynamics 365 CRM

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