Odd/Even Page Header/Footer using SRS Reports

By | August 6, 2010
There have been times where you need to provide a different header on one page and another on the second page or say every alternate page. This concept has been provided in MS Word, where you are allowed to setup a Odd Page Header and an Even Page Header. Should you want to incorporate this same feature in your Reports designed using SRS Reports, there is no easy way out as setting up a odd page header and an even page header.

To set up an Odd/Even page header in SRS Reports, you can make use of the Global Field Page Number. This field auto-sets the Page Number depending on the page on which the control is placed for reading the page number.

Say you want a separate image or text to be displayed on odd and even pages, you can place both the text and images on the header section of the report. You can then set the visibility property of the controls to conditionally evaluate the Page Number and display the control only if the condition evaluates to true.

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