Add SRS report to CRM Form

By | February 25, 2009
In course of implementation of Dynamics CRM, a number of clients have asked us to display reports designed using Sql Reporting Services (SRS) within CRM as a tab or may be as a option to the Main Menu. This helps the user to quickly check reporting. I have described a simple way to achieve this in Dynamics CRM
This can be done using following steps.
– Create SRS report.
– Get the rdl file from the project.
– Open IE and type
http://servername/reports without port number as shown below

– Click on “Upload File” each time for each of the “.rdl” files which we are sending you with this mail and then click OK.
– Do not change its “Name” attribute, as shown below.

– Open IE and type http://servername/reportserver without port number
– Here you will find the report with the same name as of above.
– Click on the page which will open the report in IE.

– Copy this url and use where ever you want i.e. in IFrame or aspx page which would look like:

– Just pass this url and you can see the reports.

You can also append “&rc:Toolbar=false” to the above url if you dont want the toolbar to be seen in the reports(refer the above image below the address bar) and “&rs:ClearSession=true” to ensure that everytime you can see fresh reports.So that the modified url will look like:


With this you can now design a dashboard report in CRM and have it added as item under Workplace and set it as the Default item to be displayed. So each time you login you see the dashboard.

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