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Debugging Script with CRM events

Writing JavaScript in CRM is a tedious job and finding the error in your script is even more difficult. The best way to find the error cause is to debug it. The blog will give you the steps to debug the scripts added on form events in CRM. Steps to enable debugging script: – Go […]

Add Shortcut button for new Activity on CRM toolbar

Some time back we had posted a script that would allow you to create an ISV button to bring up the new activity form (phone call, appointment etc). Recently we had the same request from one of our customers and we were quick to offer them the same. Unfortunately it failed. The locAddActTo function is […]

Call Workflow from ISV button

We had once given an option to one of our customers to perform an action using on-demand workflow. We provided them with the steps to run the workflow from the “Run Workflow…” button that is added to the entity in case and entity has on-demand workflows published against them. The customer however wanted that we […]

List of Events available to trap in Scripts when saving a Dynamics CRM Form

CRM 3.0 has limited event detection made available using scripting. However It is now possible to detect which user action was performed to Save the form using the event.Mode property in the OnSave event. You can gain more detailed information about the user actions in the OnSave event by referencing the event.Mode values. These values […]

Bulk Edit records of any entity in CRM

We can easily edit a record in crm. But what if we need to edit a field of all records with same value. So here, Instead of opening records one by one and editing it, we can also use Bulk edit feature which edits that field in one go for all records. For some records […]

Automatically resize the IFRAME to adjust to the Form size

If you need to show an external page within CRM, you need to provide the URL to the IFRAME in CRM. You will notice that it would not display scrollbars to scroll through the entire web page being displayed in the IFRAME. So it is advised that we create a custom page and add an […]

Shortcut to create activities for an account or contact

CRM Forms already have a button to quickly send an email. The “Follow up” button allows you to quickly create activities, however it does not show up the entire activity form. If you instead wanted a way to create a task or some other activity and want the activity form to show-up without navigating to […]

Shortcut to Add notes and attachments

You need to navigate to the Notes tab each time you need to add a note. Also the shortcut to add a quick note in CRM does not show up the note form that allows to fill in all details including subject and attachment in one go. If you want to add all information to […]