Maximize Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality with New Features of Inogic’s de-duplicate App!

By | May 13, 2024

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Duplicate records in Dynamics 365 CRM can lead to problems like data inconsistency, confusion among users, poor customer experience, and inaccurate reporting and analytics. Therefore, organizations must implement robust deduplication strategies to defeat duplicates in your CRM and ensure the integrity and reliability of CRM data.

Dynamics 365 CRM comes with native duplicate detection rules to help users deal with duplicate records in CRM. These rules can automatically flag duplicates whenever a user creates or updates a record, but when it comes to complex scenarios, they might not be enough.

For instance, with these rules, you can only prevent duplicates during data entry but not detect existing ones. For more advanced deduplication needs, you need to check out DeDupeD by Inogic.

DeDupeD, a deduplication solution for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse. It lets you detect, prevent, and merge duplicate records for all CRM entities (OOB or Custom), detect duplicate records across different entities, merge duplicate records of the same entity into one, prevent duplicates from entering the CRM from both the server side and client side and merge/clean up existing duplicate records in bulk. This is how DeDupeD proves to be a trusted ally in the battle against duplicate CRM data.

Let us see some of the exciting new updates in DeDupeD:

  • User Access Privilege: Exclude users from using any of DeDupeD’s features within Dynamics 365 CRM. This feature allows administrators to tailor DeDupeD’s usage, ensuring that only designated individuals have access to its functionalities, thereby enhancing control and security within CRM environment.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

  • Merge Duplicates: Detect and merge duplicates right from the individual record. Choose the right master record to merge subordinate records into it, ensuring all relevant information is consolidated.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

  • View Columns: For a seamless user experience, DeDupeD offers the ability to customize the duplicate merge UI to mirror the layout of your CRM entity view columns. This familiarity minimizes disruptions and allows you to merge duplicates efficiently.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

  • Form Selection: Activate duplicate detection on specific entity forms as per your needs. DeDupeD provides granular control over duplicate detection. You can activate this feature on specific entity forms, focusing your efforts on areas most susceptible to duplicate entries.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

  • Fuzzy Matching: Detect duplicates by using fuzzy duplicate matching method. This ensures comprehensive detection of duplicates, regardless of minor typos or inconsistencies.

Check out this amazing video explaining DeDupeD’s fuzzy feature in detail.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

  • Merge Selected Records: DeDupeD grants you the flexibility to choose which specific records to merge during bulk data clean-up operations. This level of control empowers you to meticulously curate your data and maintain its accuracy.

Dynamics 365 CRM Data Quality

So, these were some new and exciting updates to DeDupeD app, but there is much more to DeDupeD’s exciting features than what we can cover here.

Want to learn more about the app? Dive into our user guide for all the details.

Ready to see the app in action? Head over to our website or Microsoft AppSource to download a free 15-day trial.

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Stop duplicate data from dragging down your CRM’s performance. With DeDupeD’s advanced deduplication features, you can unleash the full power of your customer data.