User Personal Views now available to their Managers in Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps / CDS!

By | August 17, 2020

Traditional Personal Views or the Views saved from Advanced Find Queries have long been ‘Personal’ to the owners/creators of the views unless they chose to share these views with others. Given the name ‘personal’ made sense to keep these views ‘private’ to the user but a major issue that came up amongst others are:

No control over views being created by the team members;


Orphan views left in the system when their owners leave the organization.

We can now save our systems from this clutter.

Not sure which version exactly this was introduced but Managers now automatically have access to the views created by their subordinates. The depth to which they have access in the hierarchy depends on depth set while configuring Managerial hierarchy.

User Personal Views

Managerial hierarchy could either be configured to use the Manager lookup on the User,
User Personal Views

Or use the position hierarchy as shown below:

User Personal Views

And then assign each user appropriate position to control the hierarchy without any dependence on individual users.

User Personal Views

Note: You need to customize the user form to add the position field to the form.

The managers can now see all views defined by their subordinates which could now lead to a clutter for the manager 🙂

User Personal Views

User Personal Views

Note: It took a while for me to have the user personal views reflect on the view selector for the manager. In case you do not see the view in the manager login, give it some time.

The managers seem to have the same level of permissions to the views as the owner, so they could go ahead and de-activate, delete or even share these views with others.

User Personal Views

These views will also be returned if you programmatically request for views for the manager login.

Personal Views are no longer Private!

2 thoughts on “User Personal Views now available to their Managers in Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps / CDS!

  1. Praveen

    This is available since v8.1 I believe, only problem is as you mentioned the clutter that manager see, most of the time they would like to delete others views unless they left the company and thus they might find it difficult to pick their own personal view from the listed.

    1. Inogic

      Even if all users’ personal views will be available for the Manager, the Owner can be used to identify the view that is owned by the Manager or by another User. Please refer the below screenshot for the same:

      personal views



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