Map My Relationships: Visualize Relationships between Dynamics 365 CRM Entities or Related Records in a Single View

By | July 5, 2020

After the prolific response we have been getting from everyone on our productivity apps for Dynamics 365 CRM and our recently concluded webinar series including sessions on visual tools like Kanban Board and Map My Relationships, we would like to express our warm gratitude to the Dynamics community on behalf of whole Inogic team. We are happy to know that our products are helping the Dynamics community by enhancing the features of Dynamics 365 CRM.

Amongst our plethora of products, Map My Relationships is becoming one of the most sought-after Dynamics 365 CRM solution. It is a productivity app that offers Dynamic 365 users’ ability to visualize relationship between entities or related records in a simple and schematic way. This graphical representation of Dynamic records by Map My Relationships enables mind map visualization of entity relationships and helps users to view the connections and influences each entity has over another.

To understand how Map My Relationships can benefit a user, we will follow example of Sam. Sam is an experienced Dynamics 365 CRM user and has to work on multiple projects at a time. He has a tough time handling all the different entities and their relationships between multiple projects. Let us see how Map My Relationship will simplify Sam’s tasks.

Map My Relationships

360-degree view

Sam can visualize the relationships associated with any record by adding Map My Relationships as a control on the required form. For example, If Sam wants to visualize relationships associated with records in ‘Opportunities’ entity, he can add Map My Relationships control on the ‘Opportunities’ form. Then he can easily glance at the map and find any relation he is looking for as Map My Relationships provides seamless navigation and 1:N, N:1 as well as N:N information.

Map My Relationships

Like here, Sam can find ‘Quotes’ records of the selected opportunity on the map. He can further know more about the individual quotes by double clicking on the nodes.

Display Images

Sam will be able to quickly identify and make informed decisions with the help of Map My Relationships as it allows him to see image associated with that record. He can differentiate between different records with a quick glance thereby saving his time.

Map My Relationships

Perform Actions

Along with the visualization on entity relationships, Map My Relationships will help Sam in creating activities like Phone Call, Appointment or Add a Reminder, etc. from the Map view itself without having to go to the individual record. If he wants to email any one of his customers regarding any invoice, then he can click on the entity and click on the ‘Email’ button.

Map My Relationships

Details of Records

Map My Relationships offers an easy view of necessary details of records in the Map so that Sam wouldn’t have to go to the individual record. He can get the details of the records by hovering over the entity and perform relative analysis of multiple records without having to navigate to all the individual records. Here, he wants to know the email address of the contact, he can just hover over the node as shown in the image and access it.

Map My Relationships

Aggregation and Grouping

He will also be able to view the aggregate value of records and see the status or performance of a particular record from the map. Here, Sam wants to know the aggregated value of the quote’s entity in the opportunities. He will double click on the quotes node in the map and go to the node of the individual entity and hover over it. He will get the desired result.

Map My Relationships

With all these features, Sam will be able to handle multiple projects swiftly. He can traverse through relationships of multiple entities, have a 360-degree view of all the relationships, perform quick activities and know aggregated values.

To visualize the relationship associated with any record, add Map My Relationships as a control on the required form.

Map My Relationships offers all these features so that you have complete information in single glance and perform productive & logical analysis of records. No wonder it is one of our most loved Dynamics 365 CRM productivity apps.

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