Coming Soon! Click2Undo: 1-Click app to undo changes or restore to the last known state of Dynamics 365 CRM records

By | March 9, 2020


Data is one of the most important aspects of any organisation. It is based on this data that business plans are made and executed. So what happens when this data is corrupted or deleted by mistake? How can you undo this? As an answer to such unforeseen situations, we are exhilarated to announce our next upcoming addition to our suit of productivity apps – Click2Undo. As the name suggests, it is an app that restores the original state of Dynamics 365 CRM records.

Since Dynamics 365 CRM is a vast customer relation management system, it deals with bulk of data and at several instances its users make changes that are not desired. In case there is an unwanted change, it becomes nearly impossible for the users to restore the previous state and therefore, it can cause  chaos in the business. Altering data, that is not as per business requirement can lead to an overall havoc and the business may come up with many problems. It is always desirable to find a solution that addresses this issue.

In order to retain the original state of altered data we have developed the robust app Click2Undo. Click2Undo takes care of any changes done in a record or in case a record is deleted. With the help of this app users can restore deleted data and be in control of their business. Let’s see how with the help of Click2Undo businesses can be revised.

Suppose Sam is the salesperson who is working on his sales target. Here are few scenarios where he can make use of Click2Undo:

Restore deleted record(s)

In a scenario Sam did not need few records anymore so he deletes them. But for some business requirement he needs some information from the records. In such a case there is no provision in Dynamics 365 CRM to restore the records. So, here Sam clicks on Click2Undo button and the records are restored and made visible to Sam immediately.

Restore last changes

Suppose Sam imports bulk records for some business requirement. Here, for few records erroneous data is imported and therefore, Sam needs to restore their previous state. In such a scenario, Sam simply clicks on Click2Undo button and the data is restored to their previous state.

Restore changes done in past

With the help of Click2Undo Sam can restore the changes done to a record in the past. For instance there was a change in the record’s data one month ago. The change done in the past one month can be undone using Click2Undo.

Therefore, you have seen how with the help of Click2Undo unwanted changes done in the Dynamics 365 CRM records can be scraped and last known state be regained. Since, there is no mode of restoring deleted records in Dynamics 365 CRM it acts as a powerful tool to restore the records that were deleted.

So stay there, we will soon come with the rollout of this powerful app which will act as a boon for the Dynamics 365 CRM user. For pre-booking or any query or suggestion drop a mail at and we can schedule a meeting with you. In the meantime you can visit the product page of Click2Undo to know more.

Till then, Ciao!