InoLink: QuickBooks integration New Release Coming Soon – Real-time, Multi-Company with Hosting on Azure

By | December 27, 2018

Integrate Dynamics CRM QuickBooks

Last few years technology has picked up at a rapid pace. In context of present scenario, there is a swift migration towards cloud computing. This not only enhances storage capacity of organizations, but also augments functional aspects and on demand services in least complex manner by reducing infrastructure costs. One such cloud computing platform that leverages the operational facets of an organization is Microsoft Azure. It is a powerful system that allows clients to do lot more with Dynamics CRM by being device independent. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Azure cloud in sync has been working together towards a great potential of advancement to any technology solution.

We are discussing this with reference to one of our productivity add-on, InoLink solution – A bi-directional integration tool that seamlessly integrates data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Intuit QuickBooks by connecting the two systems. InoLink integrates well with the Online deployment model and supports USA, UK and Canada version of QuickBooks which has now been extended to Australian version of QuickBooks too. Thus, all the QuickBooks users using Australian version can get ready to implement InoLink in their systems to start integrating and performing data transfer between Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks.

Currently, our technical team is working on next version to make InoLink even more powerful by transforming it to run on cloud. This is made possible with the help of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing software that helps the users to test, deploy and manage the solutions through a global network of Microsoft managed data centers.

You can check the general overview of data flow of InoLink on Cloud through the below image.

InoLink QuickBooks integration

Here are few ways in which InoLink will aid you once it switches to Azure:

Reduced IT costs

There will be a reduction in the cost required for managing and maintaining the IT system as we are moving towards cloud-based solution.

Removal of windows application dependency

There will be no more dependency on Windows application that requires a machine to install the main components of the application.

Sync one or more QuickBooks Companies

The new version of InoLink will be capable of syncing one or more QuickBooks Companies with single Dynamics 365 instance.

Enhanced User Experience

There will be improved user experience with the new version of InoLink. All the configuration screens will be moved from windows application to Dynamics 365 HTML web resource. Thus, the user would not need to switch between Dynamics 365 and Windows Application to do the configurations.

Real-time data processing from Dynamics 365 to QuickBooks

The current version has been using windows services to pull the changes from the system and sync the data at regular interval. In the new version of InoLink, all this would be real time. For example, as soon as Dynamics 365 user updates or creates the Customer in Dynamics 365 CRM, it will immediately get reflected in QuickBooks Company.

Keep watching this space for release announcement. Get ready for a whole new experience of cloud based InoLink solution. For more details on our InoLink solution visit our website or Infocentre.

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