Maplytics October 2018 Release – Maps integration with Dynamics 365 CRM in another new Avatar!

By | October 20, 2018

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We are here once again with our new release. Thank you so much to our Partners and Maplytics users for their feedback time and again which helps us to take up new challenges and add strong new features in your favorite Maps integration solution for Dynamics 365 CRM.

In Maplytics March 2018 release, our core focus was to make field service reps life easier where we focused on increasing capabilities of Maplytics for Field Reps with features like along the route search, concentric proximity search, route redirect and many others. After this release, our team immediately started working on the next version and the core focus of this October release is on empowering the Senior Level Executives/Managers.

With this release, we have added some very important features that will enhance the level of analytical and planning power of Managers who are regularly using Maplytics – Maps integration in their Dynamics CRM. Managers will now be able to perform an even more powerful analysis of business data, control the access level of the users and plan an optimized work schedule for their field professionals!

So, here we are, with the new version of Maplytics!

Let’s have a quick summary on Oct 2018 release features;

(For a detailed overview, refer Part 1 and Part 2 of our pre-release blog)

Auto scheduling

With this release, Managers will be able to plan an optimized schedule for their field professionals. For this, we have added a new feature called ‘Auto scheduling’. They can enter the location, the required start & end timings and the working days and Maplytics will provide optimized routes for each working day along with the date.

Territory management

Users can now create territories right through the detail map and align them to achieve a proper distribution of sales territories. They can upload a shape file or an excel file to create territories. Users can also search by region on the basis of City, State, Country, etc. or by drawing a shape on the map using the fully custom drawing tool. Now users can also plot their existing territories and perform the alignment. We have provided options of move or copy which allows the Managers to select a geography of the existing territories and move or copy the same into other territories, this is really a helpful feature as it will help you to manage workload of any territory.

Heat map with Pie Chart & Column Chart

Users love the Heat Maps feature in their Dynamics 365 CRM. We have now provided them freedom of choosing different colors for the heat map color scheme rather than using just the standard colors red, yellow and green. Not just this, in this release, we have taken heat map to an advanced level where users can even view their data in form of the Pie charts and Column charts which will allow them to perform advanced analysis on their Dynamics CRM business data.

Security template

This new release will allow a robust control to the managers in terms of managing the usage of Maplytics. In this release, we have provided managers with the privilege of providing selective access to the actions to their Maplytics users. With the help of Maplytics security template Managers will now be able to select the required actions and create a template out of it. Later they can add Maplytics users to whom the template has to be assigned. This way Managers can easily provide selective access to actions to their Maplytics users as per the requirement.

Overlay Layer

Overlay feature will allow you to visualize the shapes that you draw and the Dynamics 365 data as an overlay. Having the ability to visualize Dynamics CRM data that lies outside of the shape as well gives you extra flexibility to work with your data. Sometimes you need to see the data that lies outside the shape or region that you want to analyze. Using Overlay, users will now be able to plot records along with any shape file or territories in the form of layers. The user can also toggle between the layers of the overlay plotted. This will make it even easier to analyze the record spread over the regions of territories and shapes plotted on the map.

Auto Search Window

Whenever you needed to search records around an individual record, you needed to plot it on the map, set it as a current location and then perform the proximity search. With Maplytics October release, we are introducing Auto Search Window on the records where you can save the search criteria and every time you open the record; it will use that particular search criterion to plot the records around that individual record. You also have the By Region search option available.

New Redesigned Drawing Toolbar

Drawing Tool in Maplytics has always been a powerful feature, and the ability to draw a shape on the map and search records within that shape can prove beneficial in multiple scenarios. In October release, we have enhanced and redesigned the Drawing Tool to provide more freedom and control to the users.

Shape Operations

Maplytics always supported drawing multiple shapes on the map but what if you wanted to perform binary operations on the shape like union or difference? With this release, we are bringing the binary shape operations. Now users can perform binary operations like Difference, Intersection, Union, Union Aggregate, and Disjunctive Union.

It’s time to start with this new release today!

  • Try it on your own Dynamics CRM/365 environment. Download free Maplytics trial today!
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  • Do you have any suggestions or feedback? We are listening, just drop us a mail on crm@inogic.comHappy Mapping!

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  1. Mu-Chyun

    Is there a way to also consider opening/ office hours as a routing factor (e.g. I don’t want to be sent to a closed shop…)

    1. inogic


      You can consider start time, end time and other scheduling preferences of the salesperson for which you are scheduling appointments. As of now, there is no way to consider opening/ office hours of Customers while planning a route. However, we do have this feature on our future road map.


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