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By | April 1, 2017

It has been 11 years since we first started Inogic back in 2006. Back then, Microsoft just upgraded the Microsoft CRM 1.0 and rebranded it to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Since then, the application has evolved significantly, and we have been evolving with it and have adopted new technologies along the way to keep up with the digital transformation!

Today, Inogic is a leading Gold Microsoft Dynamics CRM ISV, and an experienced Outsourcing Development Partner exclusively focussed on Dynamics CRM and delivering best-in-class services & innovative solutions for Dynamics 365/CRM.

Why did we choose to focus on Dynamics CRM?

In the past 14 years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved significantly, from just a Customer Relationship Management application (MS CRM V 1.0, launched in 2003) with limited customization options to the highly customizable, next-generation intelligent cloud CRM & ERP application that we know and love, Dynamics 365.

Today, it is one of the leading CRM systems preferred by businesses around the world. Companies prefer Dynamics CRM/365 as it has been growing exponentially since its inception and offers latest and greatest technological advancements! Dynamics 365 offers vast customization options, employs universal web standards like Javascript, .Net and HTML provides phenomenal support (thanks to the ever-growing Community), integrates with other Microsoft products, supports various deployment models and more!

Our Dynamics CRM/365 Services for Accelerating your Growth:

Inogic, with its keen focus on innovation and expertise in Dynamics CRM/365, brings services that range across areas like Dynamics CRM Development, Implementation and Data Migration. With our experience in implementation of Dynamics CRM/365, we are able to deliver exceptional insights to assist you in successfully implementing and getting the most out of your Dynamics CRM/365 application. At Inogic, our motive is to help organizations improve their productivity and accelerate their business operations to attain maximum ROI.

1. Development Services:

We understand that every business has different needs and our development services are catered to your business allowing you to reap the maximum benefits from Dynamics CRM/365. We offer development support to partners as well as customers who are looking for extending Dynamics CRM implementations. The key development services we provide are as follows;

  • SDK Customizations:

Inogic assures enhanced development support for different products and offers development support like Custom HTML Web resources, Scripting for Custom Form Validations, Plug-In Development, Integration with Third-Party Applications, and Custom Complex Reporting.

  • Reporting:

We have skilled developers to assist customers with designing reports that work across various Dynamics CRM deployments. We develop SSRS reports using SQL statements and FetchXML query language. In addition, Power BI using ODATA feeds in Excel for enhanced reporting on Dynamics 365 data is also one of our fortes!

2. Implementation Services:

To realize the real potential of Dynamics CRM/365 and help you attain peak productivity, we analyze your needs and help you to adapt your business practices with Dynamics CRM/365 OOB features. Our aim is to design and successfully implement solutions that meet your strategic goals.

  • xRM:

We offer implementation of Extended Dynamics CRM/365 (xRM) applications. xRM solution leverages the relationship tracking capabilities beyond the typical CRM scenarios. xRM solutions allow rapid development and can be designed across various industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Public Sector, Financial services, and more!

  • Install/Setup:

We help organizations to implement and manage their Dynamics CRM/365 deployments. Our expert developers can remotely administer the deployment and provide services like Maintain Development, UAT & Production Environments, Server Installations, Update Rollup, Outlook Client Installations, and Database maintenance & SQL Transaction Management.

  • Design & Configurations:

We help organizations to adapt their business practices by designing and planning their Dynamics CRM/365 systems. In addition, we assist them with configuring the integration of Dynamics CRM with various systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Social Engagement (previously known as Microsoft Social Listening), Server Side Sync, and IFD Configurations to name a few.

3. Data Exchange Services:

Data migration is an essential element to adopt a new system replacing the legacy system. We offer seamless data migration services without disrupting your business. Our expertise with Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) platform allows us to perform a broad range of Dynamics CRM/365 data migration tasks. We approach data migration tasks with utmost care and have high reliable conversion standards to preserve your data integrity. We offer data exchange services for ACT!, Goldmine, Dynamics CRM Legacy Versions, Dynamics CRM On-Premises to CRM Online, and Bespoke Apps.


Some of the benefits our services will deliver to your enterprise:

  • Enhanced productivity and agility with superior customizations
  • Attain best operational efficiency while saving cost
  • Win new customers with enhanced customer experience
  • Maximize the value of your Dynamics CRM/365 application
  • Delivery in shortest turnaround time


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