Insert Signature in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 Email – An OOB Functionality

By | June 3, 2016


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 has come up with many new features. Before this 2016 Update 1 came, we needed some customization to add signatures to email. You may refer this blog in order to know how to add signatures to emails in Dynamics CRM.

With release of Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1, Microsoft has added a new feature of inserting signatures to emails without any customization needed. For this feature, Microsoft has added a new entity named Email Signatures. This entity is seen under Settings->Templates->Email Signatures.insert email signature in crm

In order to create an Email Signatures record, following fields should be added:

  1. Owner – Owner of the record. Either User or Team.
  2. Title – Name that you want to enter for the record.
  3. Language – Select language depending upon the languages added in the email signature

The Email signature language is matched with logged in User language and only those Email signature records whose language match with User language are seen.

In the body part we can add signature that we want to signature Dynamics

If you want to set the above signature as Default signature for the User you can set it by clicking the Set as Default button.set as default signature

Note: Only one Email signature record can be set as default for that user.

After setting this signature as Default when you create a new Email whose sender is selected user, then the signature is automatically populated as you can see email signature recordOne User can have multiple Email signatures. We can insert different signature by using Insert Signature button.insert email signature

After clicking the Insert Signature, you can choose the signature you want to signature

Depending upon the selected signature record the corresponding signature will get populated.Dynamics CRM email signature

Note : To insert the image in the signature, it must be hosted somewhere as we need to add URL of the image.


The new update for the Dynamics CRM 2016 has multiple advance features. The section above discusses about one of these new features of inserting signature in email as an out of the box functionality. This will surely save CRM users’ time for emailing and also help in adding a professional touch to the emails.

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