Maplytics in times of UR12

By | January 10, 2013
Native Bing Maps Integration coming in with UR12
UR12 is scheduled for a phased roll out starting next week. With one of the offerings being Bing Maps Integration. This integration is made available as a setting that when activated by the users would show a link to open Bing Maps and automatically plot the address entered on the specified record.
What is Maplytics and why should you want to use it?
Maplytics continues to work towards being a “more than simple” address plotting on the map.  It is a geographical analytics tool. Some of the features supported include
·     Support for all entities that have address fields. You would be able to see any address included on any entity on the Map


·     Map is essentially dependent on Geo-coding data. Maplytics comes bundled with Bing Maps subscription that allows for use of Bing Maps Spatial service that will let you batch Geo-code bulk data. This does away with the need to worry about getting the data Geo-coded.
·      Save geographical search as static Personal Views in CRM
·      Ability to print the route and routing directions using multiple way-points.
·      Maplytics builds upon the inherent Dashboard feature of Dynamics CRM to provide Maplytics Dashboards to provide analytics based on CRM data including Sales
·     Color-coding CRM data plotted on the Map for better analysis and geographic representation of the data
·     Usual mapping solution would include Road View or Aerial View. You can now get a Street View of the address using Maplytics
Who is Maplytics for
Maplytics is still a must-have for business driven by geography and geographic data.
For more information check out the product details here.