Displaying CRM emails using SSRS 2008

By | November 4, 2010

Email body in Dynamics CRM is stored in HTML format and when we try to display the data as is in the SRS report, it shows up with all the HTML tags.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports strip the HTML content and display it in Plain text format.
Now with SSRS 2008, you can display them with part of the HTML formatting. It does not support all the HTML tags as yet, but some basic tags are supported that help provide a presentable view of the email body.

Let’s take an example, we will create sample email as shown below.

To show same content in SSRS report 2008 we need to follow the below steps:

  1. Place a textbox control on report and within it place the PlaceHolder by right clicking inside textbox and choose PlaceHolder.
  2. Set the properties of the ‘PlaceHolder’, change Markup type to HTML.
  3. Extract description(body) of email by query eg. Select description from filteredemail where activityid=’A0773451-3DE3-DF11-9EAB-0003FFD4167C’
  4. Set the expression value of the placeholder to description, from dataset fields.( For e.g. Fields!description.Value).
  5. Review the report to see the following result.

Hope this helps…Time to move on to SSRS 2008!