How to merge records in Dynamics CRM

By | March 17, 2009

In one of our earlier posts we had explained the Duplicate Detection Feature that is now available in Dynamics CRM 4.0. However suppose there was not Duplication detection rule setup and it resulted in you have duplicate records of Accounts in your CRM.

For this CRM provides the option to Merge 2 records.

This feature is available only on below entities:
– Account
– Contact
– Lead

Using merge functionality user can merge two records and can deactivate the duplicate record. Below is the screen shot which will show you the button to merge the selected two records.

When user clicks on merge button user will be prompted with following window using which user can choose fields which are latest one and update record with latest values while other record will get deactivated.

– User can choose master record which is at the end will remain active and other will get deactivated.

– Also there is an option to directly choose the filled values from two records. If for a field there is value present in both the records then master records value will get selected here. For this user need to checked on check box as shown in below screen shot.