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Addresses in CRM explained….

We recently came across a request for data correction where the customer had lost some of their address data. No addresses were displayed on the Account form. One would think all that was corrupt was the address and having them type in the address on the form should do the trick. But no, with the… Read More »

How to activate contract in CRM

When a new contract is created in CRM, it is in the Draft state and cannot be utilized to assign a case against it. For a contract to be available, it must be activated. A contract is automatically activated by CRM if the following conditions have been met.1. There must be contract lines added to… Read More »

Working of Announcement

Dynamics CRM provides feature to create announcement that can be broadcast to the entire organization. it can be viewable by the entire organization if the users have been given the permission to read the Announcements.How to create the announcements 1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Administration, and then click Announcements.2. On the Actions… Read More »