Art of Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing – with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

By | March 27, 2024

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

Are you using SMS for Support? Updates? Promotion?  We all know SMS messaging is one of the best communication sources when it comes to open rates. A whopping 98% of SMS are opened, and 90% are read within just 3 mins!

But let’s face it, plain text SMS can be mellow and easily ignored.

Imagine entering a communication like these

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

Without images, emojis, or any emotional rudiments — just simple SMS — I am confident they appear dull, monstrous, and lacking engagement. Particularly in marketing surroundings, similar messages are doubtful to be effective.

Ready to add some fun, excitement, and colors to your SMS communications? If the answer is YES, continue reading.

What’s visual communication?

Visual communication entails using visual elements to convey a message, inspire change, or evoke emotions.

In essence, visual communication centers on choosing elements that hold the highest meaning for your audience. These typically include text, emojis, and imagery.

Emojis: let’s look at more smiler side of SMS 😊

SMS marketing can be an effective way to engage customers and prospects. The use of emojis can help to capture a client’s attention and make business communication stand out.

Emojis help to convey feelings and produce visual interest. They can also be used to break up long text SMS and make them easier to read. When used rightly, emojis can help to produce a fun and engaging experience for receivers.

Here’s why you must use emojis in SMS marketing

  • Emojis add a pop of color 🌈 and personality to your communication, making it stand out and feel more inviting to read.
  • Unique emojis can strengthen brand identity 🚀, making your messages instantly recognizable.
  • The visual appeal of emojis can lead to higher open rates and click-through rates 🖱

All in all, incorporating emojis can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing juggernauts.

  • Emojis specially ameliorate SMS engagement rates.
  • Emojis contribute to a 20% enhancement in client retention rates.
  • 72% of consumers hold a positive perception of brands that use emojis.

Text + Emojis =

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

Now let’s bring images into the picture, pun intended.

Images are like a superhero 🦸‍♀️ apprentice to SMS marketing, boosting its effectiveness also. Here’s why images play a crucial part

Images in SMS Marketing: An important supporter

Imagine a plain text communication vs one with a vibrant image 🖼. The image-laden communication incontinently grabs attention, right? That is the power of illustrations in SMS marketing. Let’s claw into the benefits of using images over plain text SMS.

  • Images grab attention and boost engagement more effectively than text alone. 📸
  • Images communicate complex information more efficiently than text. 🖼️
  • Compelling images evoke emotions and strengthen the connection with your audience. ❤️

Text + Emojis + Images =

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

The Power of Visual Communication in SMS Marketing

We have seen how emojis and images can transfigure SMS marketing, making SMS messages more engaging, instructional, and conclusive. But what if you could work this power directly within your CRM?

Introducing the 👌 Perfect SMS Integration for Dynamics 365 CRM

TextSMS4Dynamics by Inogic is a flawless SMS integration for Dynamics 365 CRM. It empowers you to send text messages directly from your CRM platform, barring the need to switch between apps.

 Simple Text, Emojis, or Eye-Catching Images? TextSMS4Dynamics Does It All!

Whether you need a quick text update, want to add a touch of personality with emojis, or bear the impact of a compelling image.

  • Send Emojis right from CRM

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

  • Send Image right from CRM

Emojis & Images in SMS Marketing

Improve Customer Engagement with TextSMS4Dynamics 📈

CRM users can unlock a powerful and impactful communication source to connect with customers through SMS.

  • SMS Automation: Effortlessly configure triggers for specific events or actions, such as sending order confirmations or appointment reminders via SMS.
  • Store Conversation History: Interact directly with customers from the CRM and save entire conversation histories for tracking and review purposes.
  • Notification Alerts: Receive notifications for incoming SMS messages directly within the Dynamics platform, crucial for keeping users informed and facilitating prompt responses.

Ready to Experience the Power of TextSMS4Dynamics? 👇

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