Finance firm tightens document security with automatic Dynamics 365 CRM – SharePoint permission syncing!

By | May 22, 2024

SharePoint permission syncing

Findango Finance, provides financial services to small and midsize firms having trouble getting money from regular banks in Spain. They offer services such as lines of credit, loans, and discounted products, presenting alternatives to the conventional credit options available through traditional banks.

Data Dilemma: Balancing Growth with Document Security

As Findango Finance’s business grew, so did the need to securely store important client documents.

To address this challenge and optimize storage costs, they implemented a combined solution using Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint.

While both platforms have access controls, the native integration does not sync user access permissions from CRM to SharePoint. This meant confidential documents like contracts could be accessed by other users.

For IT teams, manually replicating user security privileges from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint proved to be a time-consuming task. They needed a solution to automate this process and safeguard sensitive documents.

Findango Leverages Inogic’s App for Streamlining Document Security

Inogic’s SharePoint Security Sync app plays a crucial role here.

This document security solution by Inogic helps Findango Finance in several ways:

  • Automatically syncing user access permissions from CRM to SharePoint.
  • Saving time by eliminating the need to manually replicate permissions, thereby enhancing document security.
  • Allows creation of custom folder structures in SharePoint based on Time Periods, Starting Characters, and Custom Names.
  • Providing a seamless document management experience, enabling users to upload, download, rename, or email files and folders stored on SharePoint directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

This solution enables Findango Finance to securely share data and control and limit access to associated document folders on SharePoint.

Findango Focuses on Core Work with Automation

  • Implementing SharePoint Security Sync frees up valuable IT resources previously dedicated to manually replicating user permissions. This allows the IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives that directly contribute to Findango’s core business goals.
  • Streamlined document management empowers Findango’s staff. They can now upload, download, rename, or email files and folders directly within Dynamics 365 CRM, saving significant time and improving overall workflow efficiency.
  • The automation provided by SharePoint Security Sync enables Findango Finance to scale their business without worrying about document security becoming a bottleneck. As they expand their client base, user access permissions will automatically sync.

Result: Streamlined Permissions, and Enhanced Security

By effortlessly syncing permissions between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint, they effectively resolved complex document security challenges and safeguarded the confidentiality of their stored documents. The outstanding support from Team Inogic also played a significant role in the smooth implementation and integration of the solution.

Findango CTO Commends Inogic’s Support and Solution

Here’s what Findango Finance’s Chief Technology Officer, Gilberto Florez, has to say about SharePoint Security Sync: “It’s really a great solution, it works perfectly, resolving a very complex issue, how to sync permissions between SharePoint and Dynamics using a very intuitive solution that is very easy to implement. A special thanks to the outstanding support team, who have been attending to our requests constantly. SharePoint Security Sync will undoubtedly be included in our solution ecosystem.”

Impressed by their story!

If you want to try the app for yourself, you can download a 15-day free trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For more detailed information about SharePoint Security Sync’s features, visit our documentation site or watch this excellent product video.

Feel free to mail us at to get a personalized demo of the app or to ask any questions regarding integrating SharePoint with CRM and syncing security privileges.

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