5 Benefits of In-App Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users

By | April 13, 2024

Benefits of In-App Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users

For a successful sales process, you need to stay up-to-date with crucial sales information like deal closures, opportunities won, incoming leads, etc. Wish you never missed important updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and received automated notifications for important sales updates?

Alerts4Dynamics app by Inogic enables users to create, schedule, and manage in-app notifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM entities (OOB or Custom). Notify your sales team right within CRM. Send multiple messages for a single alert in multiple languages. Additionally, schedule alerts for a single record or multiple records based on your requirement, that can be displayed as notifications indefinitely or for a certain period. These notifications can be accessed from any corner of the CRM.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five key benefits of implementing an in-app notifications solution within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and how Alerts4Dynamics can help you unlock them.

  1. Right Information at the Right Time: Never miss a critical update again. In-app notification solutions can deliver real-time alerts directly within CRM. This eliminates the need to check emails or navigate through different apps for updates on new lead assignments, high-priority opportunities, or urgent customer service cases. Your team can respond faster and take immediate action on important tasks, thanks to this constant stream of critical information right at their fingertips.
  2. Improved Communication and Collaboration: In-app notifications act as a gentle reminder, keeping users informed about important sales updates. Beyond individual reminders, In-App Notification solutions can foster improved communication and collaboration across your team. By ensuring everyone is aware of important sales events and updates through a centralized notification system, ensuring everyone stays on the same page, and promoting a more collaborative work environment.
  3. Create Engaging and Relevant Notifications: Basic CRM notifications might only provide a brief message. In-app notification solutions can empower you to go beyond the basics and create truly engaging notifications with more context. Imagine including details like links, images, and tables in notification messages. This provides users with a clearer understanding of what’s required and allows them to take immediate action without needing to search for additional information.
  4. Increased Productivity with Automation: By receiving instant alerts within CRM, your team can address issues and respond to inquiries much faster. But in-app notification solutions can take it a step further by automating the task of sending alerts and notifications to CRM users. This frees them from the burden of manually checking for updates and allows them to focus on their core responsibilities, ultimately leading to increased productivity across your CRM team.
  5. Enhance User Experience: A multilingual workforce can sometimes struggle with communication barriers within CRM systems. An In-app notification solution can allow managers to send alert messages in multiple languages. This can eliminate language barriers by providing clear and concise information in their preferred language. Users can stay informed, act on tasks, and contribute more effectively within the CRM system.

Sounds useful, right?

While Dynamics 365 offers basic in-app notifications, Alerts4Dynamics takes it a step further. This powerful app provides a comprehensive notification management system, allowing you to create sophisticated notification workflows and leverage features like:

  • Four Types of Alerts: You can Create four types of alerts (Announcement, Rule-based, Record-based, and Event-based Alerts) as per your requirements. Such as notifying your team about overdue payments, reminding them about monthly targets, or making announcements about upcoming sales events – all of this is possible by making use of these different types of
  • Set Alert Modes: Send alerts in four different modes (Email notifications, Pop-ups, Form notifications, and user preference) to your team within CRM. Your team can also decide through which mode they would like to receive alerts from you. This helps improve communication and collaboration.
  • Set Message Priorities: You can categorize notifications based on priority level, such as Critical, Information, or Warning, while configuring the alerts using Alerts4Dynamics. This will help users better prioritize alerts.
  • Rich Text Messages: Create engaging messages by doing all kinds of text formatting, and adding links and images to make alerts and notifications more descriptive and interactive with message-rich text features.
  • Event Specific Alerts: Create an event-based alert using a workflow to automate the process of sending alerts. For example, suppose you create an event-based alert for winning an opportunity. So, whenever the status of any record in the Opportunity entity is changed to ‘won’, the workflow will be triggered, and a notification will be automatically sent to your target audience within CRM. This will help boost productivity and automation.
  • Multilingual Messages: Create messages in multiple languages for alerts and notifications within CRM to enhance user experience by communicating with your team in the language they are comfortable in.

With Alerts4Dynamics amazing features, you can seamlessly create a comprehensive in-app notification management system within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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