Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365/Dynamics CRM and Intuit QuickBooks Online

In the previous article, we guided you through the steps required to install InoLink on your system. After successful installation, it is important to connect Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks to allow InoLink to sync both applications seamlessly. This article describes the steps to connect QuickBooks Online with InoLink. If you are connecting QuickBooks Desktop please following steps explained in this article.

Video Tutorial:

Follow the steps mentioned below to Connect Dynamics 365/CRM and QuickBooks using InoLink:

1. After successfully installing InoLink on your system, you can now see ‘InoLink’ option in the installed programs as seen below;


2. Click on ‘InoLink Settings’ to run the application and configure the behavior of InoLink integration. Navigate to File>Connections as seen in the screenshot below;


3. In the Connections window, you need to provide the QuickBooks and CRM details to connect both the systems;


4. QuickBooks Details section requires following details;

A. OAuth Consumer Key: Follow the steps mentioned below to obtain this key.

B. OAuth Consumer Secret: Follow the steps noted below to get this key.

C. Country: You can select appropriate QuickBooks localized version from the list.

Steps to obtain ‘OAuth Consumer Key’ and ‘OAuth Consumer Secret’:

a. Sign In to QuickBooks Developer Account by visiting and enter your current QuickBooks credentials.


b. After you sign in to your developer account, click on ‘Create New App’ as shown in the below screenshot;


c. Click on Keys in the Production section, as shown below;


d. Here you will find the ‘OAuth Consumer Key’ and ‘OAuth Consumer Secret’. Copy this keys and paste in the respective fields under the QuickBooks Details Section in InoLink;


5. The ‘CRM Details’ section requires following details;

A. Deployment Model: Select the CRM deployment model. InoLink supports On-Premises, IFD, and Online deployments.

B. CRM Server: Based on the CRM deployment model, enter the CRM Server.


Online/365 –

On-Premises – http://servername:port

Partner-Hosted/IFD –

C. Organization: This is needed only for On-Premises and IFD deployments. Enter the unique organization name as in Dynamics CRM/365. To find the organization name, navigate to Settings>Customizations>Developer Resources> copy the Unique Name as seen in the screenshot below;

18D. Domain Name: This is needed only for On-Premise and IFD deployments. For Online deployment, this field will be automatically disabled.

E. User Name: User Name entered should be of the Dynamics CRM/365 user with permissions to read/write data to Dynamics CRM/365. The username varies based on the deployment model;

Username Structure:

Online/365 – user@<organization>

On-Premises – domain\user

Partner-Hosted/IFD – or domain\user

F. Password: Enter the valid password for your Dynamics CRM/365.

6. After entering the required details, click on ‘Connect’ to test the connection with Dynamics CRM/365 and QuickBooks.

Note: If you are unable to connect and get an error, it might be because ‘Windows Identity Foundation’ is disabled. To enable it, follow the steps mentioned below;

A. On Windows 8 or higher: To enable the Windows Identity Foundation on Windows 8 and above machine, go to Control Panel>Program and Features and click on ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and check ‘Windows Identity Foundation’ to enable it, as shown in the screenshot below;

19B. On Windows 7 or lower: If you are on the Windows 7 or lower operating System, then you will find this under ‘Installed Updates’ as shown in the screenshot below;


7. Once the connection is checked, and the credentials are verified, click on ‘Save’ and you will be redirected to the QuickBooks Developer Page for authorization. Follow the steps mentioned below to authorize InoLink to connect with QuickBooks.

Steps to Authorize Access from QuickBooks:

A. On the QuickBooks Developer Login Page, enter the credentials and log in as seen in the screenshot below;


B. After signing in, select the company you wish to link with Dynamics 365/CRM on the Company Selection Page as seen in the screenshot below;


C. After selecting the company, you will be redirected to the Authorization page. Click on ‘Authorize’ button to authorize InoLink to connect with QuickBooks as seen in the screenshot below;


D. After you click on ‘Authorize’ button, you will get the ‘QuickBooks Authorization Successful’ page as seen in the screenshot below;


You have now successfully connected InoLink with QuickBooks.

 Note: The authorization process must be completed within 2 Minutes, else the session will expire and you need to redo the process.

8. After the authorization process is completed, Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks are connected successfully using InoLink.


Now that you have successfully connected Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks using InoLink, the next step is to register and activate InoLink.