Security Roles for Alerts4Dynamics

In this blog, you will learn about the different security roles assigned in Alerts4Dynamics solutions.

There are three security roles that come along with the solution, they are:

1) Alerts4Dynamics Administrator – The Administrator is given the privilege for License Registration, Enable Entity Configurations, Read Entity Configuration, Create Alerts, View Alerts of other users and has organization level access of all entities of Alerts4Dynamics.

2) Alerts4Dynamics Manager – Alerts4Dynamics Manager can Create Alerts and see status of Read/Dismissed Alerts by users. Also, Alerts4Dynamics Manager can see only those Alerts that are created by him.

3) Alerts4Dynamics User – Alerts4Dynamics user can view notifications and create Record-Based Alerts for the records they own.

Note: System Administrator has all the rights that Alerts4Dynamics administrator has.

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