Entity Configurations for CRUD Operations

In User Adoption Monitor you can track actions like Create, Read, Update, Delete etc. for a specific period of time. With this tracking information you can supervise and verify the activities conducted by the end users.

Now let’s learn about configuring entities for CRUD operations.

  • Navigate to Advanced Settings–>Settings–>Security

  • Click on MANAGE ENTITY ACTION button

  • Once you click the Manage Entity Action button, a pop-up opens listing Entities and Activities. It allows you to enable tracking of the most commonly performed Actions on any entity like Create, Update, Delete, etc.

  • Here, you can specify, which actions need to be tracked per entity in a customized manner. To specify it, just click on the red circle (O) for the period you would like it to be tracking
  • Let us understand what these terms None, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly specifies.



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