Installing Map My Relationships Solution

Map My Relationships is an ISV productivity control for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that offers an easy way to visualize key information related to the record much like a mind map view for Dynamics 365 records.

In order to use the solution you need to import it first and then activate the license. In this blog we will cover how to import and install the solution.

Note: Only a user with System Administrator Role can install the solution.

Follow the steps given below to import and install Map My Relationships solution:

1) To import the solution go to Advanced Settings on Gear Icon on top right.

2) Next navigate to Settings -> Solutions.

3) Now, click on Import.

4) After clicking on import, browse for the downloaded solution file.

5) While importing the Solution, check ‘Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution’ and proceed to import the solution.

Once the installation is done, the next step is to activate the license.

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