Enable Assignment Configuration to Allot Leads

You are now well acquainted with the Installation, License Registration and Uninstallation of Round Robin Routing & Assign solution. The next step is Assignment Configuration. In order to assign leads for OOB and custom entities, Assignment Configuration for that entity needs to be enabled.

Follow the below steps to enable Assignment Configuration:

1) To enable Assignment Configuration navigate to Round Robin Routing & Assign App -> License Registration ->Enable Assignment Configuration.

Note: To enable assignment configuration it is necessary to enable Queue for OOB entities.

2) Users can select the entities from the list of Available Entities and move them to the list Selected Entities.

3) Click on Save button to enable Assignment Configurations for these selected entities.

4) At any time users can disable the Assignment Configuration for a particular Entity by removing the entity from Selected Entities list.

5) You can see Appointment has been removed from Selected Entities grid and is now again available in Available Entities Click on Save in order to retain these settings.

6) To view the Assignment Configurations go to Round Robin Routing & Assign App -> Assignment Configurations where all the enabled Assignment Configurations can be viewed.

In this way, you can enable Assignment Configuration for the necessary entities. After this you can start assigning Leads as per assignment rules.

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