Create Click2Clone Template For Cloning Records

Click2Clone is a one click solution to Clone/Copy duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM records of both OOB and custom Entities. It is a time and resource saving tool that expedites your Sales Process by depreciating the overhead of re-entering the same data. To clone records you must import and install the solution first. After installation and License registration you can create Click2Clone Template for Entities whose records you have to clone.

Creating Click2Clone template is an easy process after which you can clone the attributes and relationships.

Below are the steps mentioned for creating Click2Clone Template.

1. Navigate to Apps-> Click2Clone Group-> Click2Clone Template

2. Next, click ‘New’ to create the Click2Clone template.

3. Fill the following details to Create New Template:

  1. Name: This is the name of the Click2Clone Template you are trying to create.
  2. Source Entity Name: This is the Entity whose records you have to clone.
  3. Target Entity Name: This is the resulting cloned records Entity. For self cloning leave this blank.
  4. Prefix: This is the preciding name of the cloned record.
  5. Suffix: This is the trail name that comes after the name of the record that is cloned.
  • Thus the final name of the newly created record is Prefix ‘Record Name that is being cloned’ Suffix.
  • The name of the New Template must be unique and should not match with the names of the already existing template records.
  • Logical Name needs to be entered in Source Entity Name

4. After filling all details, click Save.

5. After clicking on Save Attributes/Relationships To Clone sub-grid will get populated. By default, all the attributes in the grid are checked, and relationships are unchecked. You need to select the attributes and the relationships which need to be cloned and then click on ‘Save’ button provided on the grid.

6. After you have created the Template and checked the attributes and relationships the new Template will be available under Active Click2Clone Templates.

7. Click2Clone button is present on both home grid and form. Click on Click2Clone button.

8. After clicking on Click2Clone button a pop-up will come with the message Cloning record(s).

9. After cloning the record a new record with unique Order ID will get created.

Multiple Click2Clone templates can be created for one entity. In that case a drop down will pop-up asking for the template you want to use for cloning. Select the template you want to use for cloning.

Thus you have seen how easy it is to create Click2Clone templates and clone/copy duplicate records with the click of a button.

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Happy Cloning!