Round Robin Routing & Assign

Automatic Round-robin assignment of work items

Assign records based on individual capacity


Round Robin Routing & Assign is a productivity app that systematically allocates or distributes Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics 365 CRM. This app ensures fair distribution of workload within each team by honouring their individual capacity. It helps managers to allocate and distribute workloads in an organized way. With automated distribution and assignment, Round Robin Routing & Assign helps to the improve efficiency of Dynamics 365 users resulting in higher sales and profit.
Dynamics 365 9.x & above
On-Premises and Online

Recent Updates

  • Set the sequence of the users to whom the records are assigned
  • Even distribution of Leads using Round Robin Algorithm
  • Assign Leads on the basis of individual capacity of each user
  • Set order for multiple assignment rules defined on one Entity
  • Monitor and analyze Leads assigned through Dashboards

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Dynamics 365 Lead Distribution

Distribute Work Items in Round Robin fashion:

Users (Managers) are able to evenly distribute the work items in Dynamics 365 CRM using Round Robin Routing & Assign App. For example, in case of incoming Leads, managers can easily distribute them among the sales representatives evenly. This way each sales representative is allotted equal number of Leads automatically.

Dynamics 365 Lead Distribution
Dynamics 365 Lead Routing

Assign Work Items based on individual capacity of each user:

With this feature of Round Robin Routing & Assign, managers users can distribute the numerous Work Items in Dynamics 365 CRM on the basis of individual capacity of each user. Suppose there are two users in the team – one experienced and the other who has just entered the workforce. Here, the manager can automatically allot more work to the experienced user as compared to the newcomer with the help of Round Robin Routing & Assign.

Dynamics 365 Auto Lead Assignment

Monitor and analyze Work Items assigned to users:

Using Round Robin Routing & Assign App, manager one can easily monitor and analyze the scale of Work Items such as Leads, Cases, etc. assigned to individual users over a given period of time through Dashboards. Thus, it becomes easy for the managers to assess the individual performance of their team members.

Dynamics 365 Lead Assignment
Dynamics 365 Lead Distribution

Auto-assign existing Work Items in CRM to users:

This feature of Round Robin Routing & Assign helps to distribute the existing Work Items in Dynamics 365 CRM among the users. These Work Items are distributed on the basis of Assignment Rules defined for respective entities such as Lead, Cases, etc. Here, manager has to just select the Work Items and click on the ‘Run Assignment’ button to distribute it among the users.

Assign Custom Entities

Round Robin Routing & Assign provides support for both OOB as well as Custom Entities resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Assignment Rules

Managers can now create multiple assignment rules as and when required and assign it to the users in Queue.

Order of Assignment

Managers can set order for multiple assignment rules defined on one Entity on the basis of which Work Items will be distributed among the team.

Set User Sequence

Set the sequence of the users to whom the records are assigned.

On-Demand Assignment

Round Robin Routing & Assign enables on-demand assignment of records to users depending upon the assignment rules.