Available for CRM 3.0/4.0 - OnPremise and Online

Goldmine is one of the largest selling CRM products for SME segment worldwide. It is known for its easy deployment and it has helped more than 130K companies around the world. But it is not truly a “CRM” but more of a contact manager. A large number of organizations grow out of this particular contact manager as they grow up and start looking to a full fledged CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The entire problem of growing out of the Goldmine system and getting upgraded to a new CRM is the inability to read data and properly migrate it to the new CRM. Data is power and organizations which has been using Goldmine since a long time and they would not like to loose the history of their entire contact relationship which is stored in Goldmine when they move to Dynamics CRM.


Inogic is a specialist of data conversion from contact managers to Dynamics CRM and can help organizations easily convert to Dynamics CRM seamlessly. Inogic does not claim to have a packaged utility for converting data from ACT!, Goldmine and other contact managers, CRM or Custom databases but has a unique system for migrating data for a client. It utilizes Web Services to achieve the migration and the methodology involves getting the entire experience of Inogic to be utilized as a service by migrating organization database and to treat each conversion as a unique venture at a very competitive and low cost.

Inogic gives a FIXED COST quote usually ranging from just a few hundreds to a couple of thousands for any conversion to be performed. It provides a one click tool for converting at the clients after analyzing and fine tuning its utility specifically for the client database after receiving the client’s database and completely tuning its utility for their unique requirements.


The process is very simple:


  • Contact Inogic for migration services at crm@inogic.com and the entities which you would like to convert.
  • Upload a sample of Goldmine database and/or the complete database to a secure site either through Transfer set creation or the folder of DBF file or in case of SQL a back of SQL database.
  • Request for specific requirements for conversion like you do not want to take some contacts according to a criteria or you would like to take some contacts in leads etc.
  • Inogic will analyze, run the database at their end and will provide a cost for you. The usual cost starts as low as 750 USD and the average conversion cost is around 1250 USD.
  • Inogic provides you with a “One Click” utility which you will run at the time. Please check out the white paper.
  • Inogic encourages you to test it and report if you need to further fine tune it.
  • Any support, help for conversion, fine tuning etc are taken care of in the initial quote and there is no cost over run.
  • You will not have to worry about the conversion and its completion as we take the conversion as “end to end” services and not just about providing a utility.


The advantages of this process are the following:


  • Fixed cost conversion with no cost overrun
  • Entire conversion done by a data migration specialists who knows both the systems
  • Complete testing post conversion at our end to look at loop holes
  • No cost associated with buying any migration tool
  • No cost associated with hiring a consultant to do the conversion using this tool on a time and material basis
  • No Internal cost associated for utilizing migration tools and learning it


There are a couple of other methodologies available in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sphere for data conversion but Inogic methodology is superior and most cost effective to the end user.


Inogic Vs Third Party Utilities and Data Migration like Scribe: Scribe and other third party software are one of the best data migration frameworks available in the CRM market. But it requires some kind of sophistication and expertise to migrate data from ACT to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using third software. It generally involves getting help of Scribe migration specialist who charge extra for migrating data over and above the base software pricing. For small conversions of organizations for contact manager like ACT, the cost and effort required to learn Scribe is not usually justified. Inogic with its specialized team and existing software which combines services with the utility and a FIXED QUOTE usually is a much cost effective option and a better bet in terms of effort.


Inogic Vs DMF: DMF is a free utility provided by Dynamics CRM to help users to migrate data. But it involves using a lot of manpower to manipulate data so that it works to migrate to CRM. The effort is usually too much for non technical CRM person who would rather spend time in implementation of business rules and logic in CRM than to manipulate his old contact data and there is always a chance of missing important data. Inogic with its services cum utility team takes the entire headache out of the organizations and makes it extremely easy to migrate data whenever they need to after completing their implementation process.


Send us a request and ask for a FREE quote for the conversion specific to your requirement.