Kanban Board Configuration

Kanban Board configuration is quite easy and simple. In this document, we will see how to configure Kanban Board Control in your Dynamics 365 for Case Entity.

  1. Click on the gear icon at top right -> Select Advanced settings.
  2. Then go to Settings -> Customizations
  3. Next click on Customize the System.
  4. Now go to Components -> Entities -> Select Case -> Click on the last tab – Controls.
  5. Now click on Add Control -> Select Kanban Board -> Click on Add.
  6. The radio button before Kanban Board denotes by default which control is to be loaded for Case Entity i.e. CRM OOB Grid (Read-only) or Kanban Board. If you want to display Kanban Board on Web (Computer or laptop devices) then select Web Radio button before Kanban Board. Similarly, you can select Phone or Tablet Radio button to display Kanban Board on Phone or Tablet. Here we have selected all three display modes.

7. For the field Lane Filter Criteria – Select the field based on which Lists will be categorized.

Here, since we are selecting statuscode the list will be created based on Status Reason of Case Entity.

For example: In Progress, On Hold , Waiting for details, etc.

8. For the field Header – Select the field value that is to be displayed on header of card. In similar way populate the Sub-Header fields.

9. For Activity Name – Enter up to 3 Activity type entity logical name that you want to display on card. Now you have to just click on these icons to create activities from Kanban Board.

10. For Card Mode – Enter the default card mode to display the details of records. (Y for collapsed mode and N for expanded mode). If the field is left blank then cards will be displayed in default collapsed mode.

Given below is the example for Kanban Board configuration FOR Case entity.

11. After filling all the details, the next step is to save the configuration and then finally publish it.

Your control will be now displayed on grid.

Note: Kanban Board only supports UCI.

If you didn’t select any of the Radio Buttons, then for viewing Kanban Board you would have to navigate to Case entity grid à Click on ellipses -> Select ‘Show As’ -> Click on Kanban Board.

And if you have selected web radio button before Kanban, then to switch back to default grid you would have to follow same step as mentioned above. But this time you would have to select Read Only Grid.

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