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Decide the views you want to see in Model driven apps in Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse

In our earlier blog we talked about the new modern advanced find experience. As a part of modernization exercise we lost the button. Here we discuss what they gave us – Ability to choose the views that you see in the View selector. And that’s a huge one. With the modern advanced find experience enabled,… Read More »

Co-presence notification now in Preview for Dataverse and Dynamics 365 CRM

Collaboration is the key to success and being able to collaborate with other users while using an APP is no different. Microsoft has been working on strengthening the collaborations available for Dynamics 365 CRM for a while now. Collaborate using Teams – where there is a channel created with regards to an account and that… Read More »

Dataverse Search – Easier than before to find data in Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse

Amongst the various options to quickly lookup or search data in Dataverse / Dynamics 365, the most popular remain 1. Search box in the view – search within the view being listed 2. Advanced find search – you can setup your detailed search criteria for specific tables and columns and get the desired results 3.… Read More »

2021 Release Wave 2 Updates to Business Units, Security Roles and Users in Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse

Introduction: Power Platform security framework has received an update in the latest 2021 Release Wave 2 that is currently shipping across geos. Security framework has not seen much change in recent times with last change being introducing hierarchy security if I remember well. The security framework in Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Platform comprises of… Read More »

ALM for Chatbots created using Power Virtual Agents

In the earlier articles we explored Power Virtual Agents and its capabilities integrating with Power Automate Flow and Adaptive Cards. In this article we will look at the option available for backup support and packaging the bots to share them across environments. Chatbots created using Power Virtual Agents are now Solution aware, this means that you… Read More »

Outlook style preview panes now possible using Side Panes with Power Platform Wave 2 2021 Release

Introduction The release of Power Platform Wave 2 2021 has brought in some amazing features and functionalities. One of which is the Side Panes and the ability to incorporate multiple panels in it. In the earlier article we discussed how the panels are now capable of displaying entity forms, lists and even web resources and… Read More »