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Use Relevance Search API in Power Automate & Canvas App – Part 2

Introduction In the previous blog, we obtained the response from the Relevance Search API request through Power Automate Flow. In this blog, we will use that response in the Canvas app. We will see how we can leverage the potential of Relevance search in the Canvas app. If you are not familiar with how to… Read More »

Use Relevance Search API in Power Automate & Canvas App – Part 1

Introduction Relevance Search has been there for a while in our Dynamics 365 CRM that provides access to exciting new search capabilities in the environment. However, before you use this feature, an administrator must enable relevance search in target environment. Using relevance search we can search across multiple tables/entities, sorted by relevance. Let us say… Read More »

App Profiles to Manage User Privileges for Customer Service Workspace

App Profiles is a new concept introduced with Customer Service workspace to manage app behavior for users. Traditionally this has been something that was managed by introducing specific privileges for the same in the Security Role. For example, the ability to control editing of price on Sales documents like quote/order/invoice could be determined by the… Read More »

Release 2020 Wave 2 – Agent Scripts and Macros as part of Customer Service workspace explored

In the earlier post, we had a look at the Customer Service workspace app with its Smart assist feature. In this part we will have a look at the capabilities to assist the agent and aid them with the help of Agent Scripts and Macros. Agent Scripts: These could be used to provide the agents… Read More »

Multi-Session Customer Service workspace app now available with 2020 Release Wave 2

As part of the 2020 Release Wave 2, you would have already most likely seen a new Customer Service App added to your environments, the Customer Service workspace app. * This app requires Customer Service Enterprise subscription: Ref This app is a Customer Service APP with multi-session capabilities. It is not the first app that… Read More »

Merge Accounts / Contacts / Leads in Dynamics 365 CRM if You are Prompted for a Duplicate Record Right There!

One of the enhancements shipped as part of the 2020 Release Wave 2, is the enhanced dup detection experience. Traditionally Duplicate Detection displayed a pop-up with the option to ignore and still go ahead and save the current record, thereby creating a duplicate, or it displayed a list of all the duplicates found, and then… Read More »

Providing XML as an input to your Custom Connector Actions

One of the projects we were working on was to integrate with a third-party API that accepted input in the XML format. This is a quick tip on how to pass XML in the action body when it expects JSON. When you try to create a request and add XML string to the body, you… Read More »

Using XRM Tooling Login Control in your WPF Applications

For designing any application for Dynamics 365 CRM that is not a web resource but rather a standalone application, the first thing that is required is designing an interface to accept details to connect with Dynamics 365. Back in the old days, we used to include a couple of text boxes for user id and… Read More »

Project Oakdale – AKA – APP Development (RAD) for Teams

First impression, Looks like SQL – creating table experience – and yes Tables, not entities. Next thought, Back to MS Access days – do nothing and have a fully functioning app! That’s Project Oakdale! And no, it is CDS framework but it does not include Common Data Model entities – so I had the impression… Read More »