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CDS Support, Census Data visualization – Maplytics March 2019 release takes Maps integration in your Dynamics 365 CRM to another new level!

We are in the first quarter of year 2019 and still reminiscing what an awesome year 2018 has been! With two major releases last year that were epitome of success, we introduced bulk of features to simplify the lives of our end users. In March 2018 Release our focus was to boost field productivity and… Read More »

Connector and Global Workflows in Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow

Introduction Business Process Flow (BPF), which was introduced in CRM 2013 is really useful for all the organizations to train their staff in an effective way. Like, everyone knows BPF is a guided process for a user to follow. Since, CRM 2013, BPF has undergone drastic changes iteration by iteration. Initially, BPF didn’t support SDK… Read More »

Visualize Census Data within Dynamics 365 CRM and some more user friendly enhancements coming up in March 2019 release!

With every release, we brainstorm to add new features in Maplytics to enable users to increase their capabilities of geo-mapping and also incorporate the valuable feedback we receive from our customers. In our recent releases we had worked on enhancing the mapping abilities of field professionals and later we focused on empowering the managerial capabilities… Read More »

Events and Reminders in Resco Mobile App

Introduction Resco Woodford provides many features one of which is, to be used by the technician by working on the field. Resco provides one of the features that user/technician gets notified for any of the events from the Dynamics CRM in the latest version of the Woodford ( Consider that user needs to be notified… Read More »

5 ways Click2Export makes the task of exporting your Report or Word templates easier within Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics CRM reports are detailed informative list of records. Reports may contain information such as accounting information of an organization, customer details, revenue generated during a period, etc. These reports can be converted into report templates in order to keep a common format and update the data from time to time. Similarly, we can create… Read More »

Retrieve Dynamics 365 CRM data in Portal by calling Odata using JavaScript

Introduction When user needs to display all the record using the “account” entity on the portal page then he can perform the retrieve operation by calling OData query using JavaScript. Working First we will create the entity list. On the entity list there is tab “OData” where we need to fill the information like “Entity… Read More »

Add Linear Slider Mobile Control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 introduced features for mobile and tablet to increase user interaction, user convenience and for user friendliness. This control is available for Mobile, Tablet application and on the v9 version of D365 (UCI). Linear Slider Control This control is used to represent field values in linear manner. To add value in… Read More »

Trigger Workflow and Action from Business Process Flow Stage On Demand in Dynamics 365

Introduction As we know, the Business Process Flow feature plays very crucial role in Dynamics 365, which guides the users to execute their work sequentially with defined stages. With the release of Dynamics 365 9.x, Microsoft has added new feature .i.e. execute workflow/action from Business Process Flow stage as on demand. Means, when the user… Read More »

Manage your Dynamics 365 CRM Storage Space by moving or copying Email Attachments to SharePoint or Dropbox using Attach2Dynamics

With the release of our new product Attach2Dynamics we have completely redefined management of Dynamics 365 CRM documents on SharePoint and Dropbox. Although Dynamics 365 CRM is an extremely powerful tool that has native integration with SharePoint, not many features are supported in this integration. For instance, Dynamics 365 CRM allows Uploading single file at… Read More »