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How to do Sales Forecast Projection in Dynamics 365 CRM using Trend Charts and Flow Snapshots

Introduction In the previous article , you saw that we only had the ability to create an org chart forecast and territory forecast. But now while exploring the ‘Sales Forecast’ feature I noticed a new option named ‘create from scratch’. In this extended blog, we will explore Sales Forecast experience through ‘create from scratch’. Organizations always… Read More »

Create, View, Find and Manage records easily using Enhanced Calendar Control (Calendar Control V2) in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction The new enhanced calendar control (Calendar Control V2) provides productive and intuitive ways to manage tasks across the team, provides sellers a peace of mind knowing that team tasks are organized, prioritized, and delivered. By adding a new calendar control (Calendar Control V2) to an entity, user can see all records in a calendar view. User can… Read More »

Track, Review and Administer Dynamics 365 CRM Usage and Find Your Top-Performing Team – Be it in Office or Work from Home!!

Do you feel that in today’s era technology is taking over the traditional methods? You are right! With the evolvement of technology in past few decades there has been a storm of new applications emerging that make the implementation of various business tasks seamless. With these apps people have become smarter and can process complex… Read More »